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Available Dogs

Dogs arrive weekly at Homeward Bound, each undergoing medical and behavioral vetting before being made available for adoption. Many are adopted before they ever appear on the website. Please read about our dog ratings and adoption process below. If you have been approved to adopt, call us Thursday or Friday after 11 AM to learn about newly Available Dogs. Leave a message and stay in touch with us so we know you are still actively searching. Thank you for your patience and understanding

Meet the Dogs!

  • Beam is ready to put his outdoor living life behind him and come in where dogs are considered full members of the family! Putting his puppy producing job behind him, this kid-loving boy will thrive with your good guidance as your one and only dog love.
  • Izzy is a pint-sized love who forms strong bonds with her person…especially women. All she craves is a quiet, predictable home as your one and only. In return, she promises ever-lasting companionship.
  • Tanner took early retirement from hunting and is looking to be a loved family dog. Meet his energy and enthusiasm with plenty of exercise and a commitment to training and he’ll become your adventure companion for life!
  • The perfectly imperfect Wrigley loves dogs, cats, and kids…but not time spent alone. He’s in search of a homebody like his super sweet self who can help him with building his alone confidence while soaking up all the love he has to share!
  • Ducky is a silly boy, half Golden, half Pyrenees with the traits of both breeds. He seeks a person or persons without kids or pets who understands both aspects of his make up, is a homebody like him, and knows that training is the lifelong commitment that builds and strengthens the bond between human and canine companions.
  • This young boy is making up for lost time! Despite a bum start in life, his loving and forgiving heart will thrive in your good care with someone who understands how to exercise body and brain. Bring along another kindhearted dog and maybe some older kids too!
  • Well-mannered, house-trained, and equipped with a good training foundation, young Tucker needs an adult-only household with people who can keep him safe from eating temptations! If you keep a tidy household...there's a great boy waiting for you here!

Adoption Eligibility

Homeward Bound generally adopts dogs within Northern California and Northern Nevada. Some exceptions may be made in special situations.

We are looking for safe, loving homes with people committed to the dog’s health and happiness and who will consider the dog as a family member, living and sleeping inside. While some of our dogs come from loving homes, all have been unexpectedly uprooted. Many come with training, confidence-building, or care needs that should be supported with positive reinforcement, patience, and ample time to bring out the best in your new companion.

We generally require that you have a fenced yard (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis).

We ask that you are realistic about the right dog for your lifestyle and that you trust in our experience in making these matches.

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Dog Ratings

The Level 1 dog is an easy dog with typically low energy level and has no behavioral issues. This level of dog would do well in virtually any home regardless of owner experience.

Level 2 has energy that can range from low to high. This dog needs average leadership, generally lacking obedience and/or house manners, but responds well to training. This level may have other minor issues that are easy to address.

Level 3, moderate, high or very high energy/drive. Level 3 dogs typically have a challenging behavior, but are good dogs. These dogs might have an intense focus to work, be dog reactive or dog aggressive, may have to be an only animal in the home, or may require daily physical and mental stimulation, etc. These dogs can be strong, pushy and/or dominant. This level of dog is not an average pet. This dog needs an experienced owner familiar with how to provide direct leadership and proper management as well as the commitment to provide the dog with the guidance and training he/she needs to be successful.

Adoption Fees

Youngsters up to 3 years $350
Adults 4-7 Years $300
Adults 8-10 Years $250
Golden Oldies 11+ $200