Gentle-natured Layla is as kind as she is sweet and shy. With TLC and patience, her true personality comes shining through – that of a loyal, loving, Labbie girl in search of her perfect human (and maybe gentle dog) companion.

  • Sweet and shy; grateful for a second chance in life
  • Seeks patient, loving companionship to help her build her confidence
  • Well-mannered; gentle nature; good house manners and easy at home
  • May be OK with another gentle dog; Cats Unsure; Kids 13+ OK
  • Add some TLC and watch her blossom!

Hello kind people. I am six-year-old Layla and whatever my life was before coming to Homeward Bound, I am happy to leave it behind. I was found with another dog wandering alone in the Central Valley. Nice people took me to the shelter, but there was no room in the inn and things looked bleak until Homeward Bound arrived. They welcomed me and got me caught up on all my medical stuff (long overdue), then sent me to live with my (wonderful) foster to see if she could help to coax me out of my shell. It’s working…if slowly. But bit by bit, I have gained confidence and am showing my true self. I am a gentle girl who is probably lived a very sheltered life. This world is new to me and best experienced gradually. When we take it slow and give me a chance to absorb new things, you’ll see that I very much want to please. I have good house manners, am crate-trained, and walk well, if cautiously, on leash. I might be OK with another gentle dog to guide me but I get mixed reviews about cats. Older kids who understand shy dogs would be OK for me. I have a kind nature and like most Labs, want to be close. I have no formal training but am well-behaved and easy in in the home. And my foster mom said I will make someone with patience and love to give a wonderful companion. I’m hoping that’s you!