Blaine is an attention-starved boy who is looking for someone with dog experience to help him fill in some training blanks. Friendly, affectionate, and anxious to please, your undivided attention, a little time, and a commitment to training will bring out his very best.

  • Young, friendly and energetic boy
  • Attention starved from a puppy and still acts like one at times
  • Needs dog-experienced person(s) who can teach him settling skills
  • Best as only dog in adult household; Cats Unknown
  • Affectionate and anxious to please; show him the way and bring out his best

I’m Blaine. I’m a beautiful, young boy who came from a nice family but they made one mistake that charted my course: they got two puppies (including me) within just six weeks of each other. As a result, I didn’t get the undivided attention a puppy needs. I tried SO hard to get their attention by running and jumping with a puppy mouth, but all it did was get me in trouble. I’m not mean at all – just attention starved. I am friendly and affectionate at heart, anxious to meet people and to please, but when I get myself amped up, I have a hard time settling myself down. I need someone who is good at reading dog body language so they can see that coming on and redirect me until I gather my wits about me! It’s something that puppies learn but it was missing from my schooling. I would also prefer to be your one and only to make up for all the attention I missed out on and crave.  My ideal  home is one with grown ups who have had dog experience and who can see my full potential with some time and training. I’m a perfect size, an expert cuddler, and a looker if I do say so myself. Help me rewind and catch up on that early training to bring out my absolute best!