Simba is an emotional special needs boy who is seeking a special human who sees into the heart of a fearful dog and will follow his training protocols to help set him free. Loving, affectionate, and playful with those who earn his trust.

  • Human-selective boy who will give his heart to the right person
  • Fearful of other dogs and strangers; requires careful and patient introductions to people and new places
  • Loving, playful, and affectionate with those he trusts
  • Housetrained and crate-trained; good house manners
  • Must be Only Pet
  • Requires a calm household without children and a lot of comings and goings
  • Needs a special someone dedicated to his guided training and keeping him safe

I am Simba. A three-year-old boy who has lived my whole life afraid. I’m afraid of people and dogs I don’t yet know. I’m afraid that something will happen to my special someone. I’m afraid when they leave that they won’t come back. And I’m afraid I cannot tell you what happened to make me this way. But what I DO know – and has been proven by my recent training experience – is that I don’t have to live life this way. I’m looking for a special, single human who attaches as deeply to me as I will to them. Someone who is dedicated to following the playbook created to set me free of this fear. It’s a guide to a more relaxed and joyful Simba – a dog that just peeked through when I was on my training retreat but who will not thrive at Homeward Bound with so many other dogs and strangers around me. Don’t get me wrong; I’m so grateful that Homeward Bound took me on when everyone else gave up on me. I have lived successfully in a foster home, but their life changed and here I am. We’re hoping to find one of those special humans who can see into the heart of a fearful dog and create a life of safety and security for me. It will require work on your part and on mine. I’m so ready to embark on this next chapter with you and I promise to show you the loving, playful, Simba – a devoted companion just looking for peace.