Life of the party, Ted, is a super friendly boy who loves people, swim adventures, and learning new things…like the joys of living the life of an inside dog! Fill in a few basics and maybe some big, sturdy kids for a great family companion.

  • A diamond in the ruff!
  • Very friendly and affectionate
  • Will need basic training but has lived with a foster and learned house manners
  • Good with certain dogs; cats unknown; Kids 13+ OK
  • Great swimmer…car rider…and adventurer in the making!

I’m Ted and if I had attended school, I would have been voted friendliest! I’m a big boy with classic good looks who is working very hard on being a smaller boy. They call it a diet…I call it torture! But I know it’s for my own good. My diet includes lots of swim exercise and I absolutely love that part! I even went dock diving recently! I am only two years old and grew up on a farm sort of place where we all roamed free. It means I skipped formal training. Someone also decided that having me chase a laser would be fun. Instead, it left me a little obsessed with shadows on the ground. But the good people helped to untrain that, and when I went to live with a foster, I picked up a few basics. Like outside potty! We’re going to need to fill in the blanks, but I’m young and eager to learn as long as a lot of praise and pets are involved! I’m a bit like a bull in a china shop, so any kids need to be older and very sturdy. I like some dogs, but not all. I’m not sure about cats. Mostly, I want to live the life of a loved family dog…inside! Bonus: I’m an exceptional critter chaser, so if you have a vole, mole, or mouse problem…I’m your guy!