Nico is a happy, happy, boy who is always raring to go! With a secure yard and people who are dedicated to daily exercise and training, he’ll have no reason to roam. Through in some sturdy kids and a dog that matches his energy and you’ll see that a tired Nico is a great Nico!

  • Young and fun-loving boy
  • Lots of energy; will thrive with an active family providing daily exercise and ongoing training
  • Loves to play with dogs that match his enthusiasm; Kids 10+ OK; Cats are probably a ‘no’
  • Needs a secure yard and enough attention that he has no desire to roam
  • Always up for an adventure! Let’s Go!!

Don’t let my serious looking face fool you. I’m two-year-old Nico and I am the life of the party! I was arrested by the dog police (thus, the mugshot) for being AWOL. Four times! The last time, my people said “keep him.” Funny thing…around here where they have secure fences and lots to do, I have never wandered! I need an active family that understands a tired Nico is a great Nico. They will know that a good dog becomes a great dog with ongoing training and daily exercise. I’m super energetic and will happily show you my favorite ball toy! If you have a fun-loving dog that likes to play, I’m a perfect companion. Older, sturdy kids? Bring them along! Sadly, I’m probably a little too interested in cats. Otherwise…I’d be perfect. Well…almost perfect! In my exuberance, my mouth gets ahead of my thoughts. So, we’ll need to work on impulse control. I’m a happy boy who will happily stick around if you keep me safe, secure, and well worn out!