Supporting the medical care of hundreds of dogs that will come to us for help this year…
including abandoned moms and their babes.

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Featured Available Dogs

  • Fallon is a three-year-old love who has shown remarkable resilience recovering from a serious wound. Our medical miracle has been a model guest and patient. Now fully recovered, she is ready to start living life again in a loving home.
  • This country girl is ready to trade her wild and free lifestyle for rules and manners as long as all the good stuff comes along with the compromise: a home to live in, people to watch over her, and someone to be loved by!
  • Baxter is a handsome, large, Golden with a chill temperament and good house manners, perfect for a family with kids or maybe a dog friend. He’s looking for a family where is he loved as much as he loves back. Is that you/yours?
  • After years of fathering puppies and neglect, Russell has earned a lifetime of spoiling. Good with other dogs and kids, he is looking to experience what it means to be loved as a full member of the family.
  • Loyal and loving, Madison is starting over without the brother she loved. Divorce moved in and he moved out. Now this wonderful companion with great house skills is looking for a new family to love.
  • Do you hold the keys to a shy dog’s heart? Molly is ready to experience the joys of a loved family dog for the first time in her life. All she seeks is quiet home and patient, understanding human.  
  • Halley’s a three-year-old girl who knows exactly what she wants in life: A dog-smart human boyfriend who loves the princess in her and respects her princess ways!  
  • This young boy is making up for lost time! Despite a bum start in life, his loving and forgiving heart will thrive in your good care with someone who understands how to exercise body and brain. Bring along another dog who is a good role model, and maybe some older kids too!


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Help a dog on its journey to health and home. Young and old. Temporary and medical fosters. All in demand!

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