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  • Petite and sweet, Sara is an adorable girl – shy at first, but ready to love. Good with dogs, cats, and kids, provide a house-training refresher for a perfect companion!  
  • Harley is ready to put his outdoor living life behind him and come in where dogs are considered full members of the family! Putting his puppy producing job behind him, this kid-loving boy will thrive with your good guidance as your one and only dog love.  
  • Loyal and devoted, this tall, handsome boy is in search of a new family to love. Well-raised and mannered, Riley will make a great family addition for those seeking a gentle soul with a big heart to share.  
  • Oakley is an active young dog with a good foundation in search of a new family. He enjoys play with other dogs, but may prefer not to live with one. Shy at first, show him your heart and he will show you his. Bring along some older kids…and maybe even a kitty to complete your family!  
  • This beautiful, well-mannered girl with a boy’s name is in search of a person or persons who live life to the fullest…one day at a time. Good with dogs, cats, and kids. Perfect for grandparents who enjoy a calm, gentle companion.
  • Continue to expand this sweet and affectionate girl’s world with patient and loving care, and you will find a playful and great-natured companion who is anxious to share her life with you.
  • Shadow may be unsure when left alone, but she’s confident of her ability to offer loving companionship to a homebody like her. With great manners, skills, and smarts, she’s good with most dogs and kids, too.
  • Jake and Sam are bonded buddies: Golden and golden-hearted. With great house manners, basic skills, and loving personalities, they are a ready-made family. All they need is you.


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Help a dog on its journey to health and home. Young and old. Temporary and medical fosters. All in demand!

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