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  • Under Kiera’s brave exterior is a sweet and affectionate girl who will let down her guard in a less dog-filled environment! Once her brother’s keeper, it is time for her to live her own life filled with the love and security she craves.
  • This Velcro heartthrob with wanderlust needs a secure home and yard and a loving family as reason enough to stay! Affectionate and friendly, Simba is ready for life with people who can devote time and attention. He’ll reward you with love.
  • This handsome, exuberant young boy needs someone who can devote the time he needs for training and exercise to get those zoomies out! Bring along a dog or two that match his enthusiasm and Rigby will thrive!
  • A diamond in the ruff, Hank needs what all young dogs need: someone to help him polish his skills and channel his enthusiasm. You provide the direction, he’ll surround you with love!
  • Buck is made more adorable by his permanently happy eye! It doesn’t affect his vision, or his capacity for love. This affectionate boy loves cool temperatures, stuffy toys, other gentle dogs and most of all…people!
  • Bear’s heart is as big as his body. He’ll happily give you both, but the body will be more welcome when you help him complete his education! He is great with other dogs and big, sturdy kids and he is filled with the best qualities of Lab and Golden!
  • Millie has gladly traded a life on the run for that of a beloved dog. She has blossomed in the loving care of her foster. Now this girl is ready to open her heart and offer her belly to someone who will continue the journey of trust with her.
  • Baxter is a handsome Golden boy with a chill temperament, great house manners, and a love of people and play. He’s looking for a family where he is loved as much as he loves back. Is that you/yours?


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Join our all-volunteer team. Feeders. Walkers. Adoption Counselors. And More! There is a role for every talent and skill.

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Help a dog on its journey to health and home. Young and old. Temporary and medical fosters. All in demand!

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