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Meet our dogs! New dogs arrive at Homeward Bound weekly. Before they are made available on the website, they are vetted, seen by our veterinarian, and assessed to determine the best match for them and our adopters.

Meet the Dogs!

RaiderAge 12, Boy
I found out when I got here that my manners needed some refinement so I’m attending finishing school. But don’t let that stop you! I’m motivated to move on to my new home so come out and meet me now. How can you pass up a mug like this?
Buddy the Lab
Buddy the LabLabrador Retriever, Age 11, Boy
I don’t get around very quickly anymore but, believe me, I still get around. So if you have a secure yard and want a pal to hang out with, I’m your guy. Click the pic for more information. Don’t forget to fill out an application. Ask for Buddy.
Chini & Alfie
Chini & AlfieGolden Retriever and Mixed Breed, Age 11, Boy & Girl
There’s nothing sweeter than a bonded pair. We’re also cute and guaranteed to make you smile! Click the pic and find out more about us.
Kiwi & Copper
Kiwi & CopperFool's Gold/Golden Mix, Ages 10 and 11, Girls!
We’re the kind of dogs that will melt your heart. We love people and are affectionate and adorable! We’re mature enough to know how to behave properly. And we come with a task that will help you too: We both need to lose a few pounds. Shhhh!
WalterChihuahua, Age 10, Boy
I’m a little guy but I got a big heart. I’m not afraid of the big dogs, and I like to play with them a little if they’re polite. I’m a confident boy and cute as a button so I don’t expect to be here long. Click my photo for more information, then you best make an appointment to meet me soon!
Bruno - ADOPTED!
Bruno - ADOPTED!Golden Mix, Age 10, Boy
I’m a social guy, for sure. If I were a human, I’d be doing that social media stuff a lot. But I’m not so I like to hang out with people and chat. I’m a talker, for sure. I’ve still got a lot of energy so I like activities too. Like swimming. I’m a swimmer, for sure. So click my pic to get the 411 and come see me. You’ll want to take me home, for sure.
Max - ADOPTED!Golden Retriever, Age 9, Boy
I’ve got a lot of experience as a fantastic family dog. I’ve got that Golden temperament that people like so much. I’m also still full of energy so I need an active family to help me burn that off. I like swimming so a pool would be nice. I did have an run-in with a little dog so we need to talk about when you come to see me at HB. Click on my photo for more info.
BrandeeGolden Mix, Age 8, Girl
Remember when I said I was working on lowering my anxiety by living with some other dogs? It’s working! I live with 2 nice dogs now and a foster Dad that goes away for only a few hour at time. So now I don’t need a human around 24/7! I will need at least one other dog though. But I’m one of those easy dogs so you’ll love having me around. Click my photo for more info about me.
Oso Lab/Shepherd Mix, Age 7, Boy
I’m only 7 but somehow my eyes have already stopped working. They can’t be fixed but I’m okay with that because I can still do everything I need to do. I had to leave my family because one of my human kids became allergic to me. Now I’m looking for a new person or family to take care of. Come on in and I’ll let you know if you’re a good match for me.
PorscheGolden Mix, Age 4, Girl
I’m a pretty girl looking for a quiet home. I can be shy with people so it may take me a little time to get comfortable with you. I mean, who doesn’t have trust issues these days? But once you have my heart, you have it forever. I’m really good in the house, and I can even get playful in the yard with you. Let’s meet up and I’ll you my faults and you can tell me yours. Click my photo for additional details.
Miss Sammie
Miss SammieLab/Irish Wolfhound mix, Age 3, Girl
Hold it right there! Don’t go passing me up just because I look different. I’m what’s called “unique” — that makes me more valuable. Plus, I have a story to tell. Click tje pic to find out more about me!
ShelbyGolden Mix, Age 1, Girl
We should get one thing out of the way up front: I don’t mix with cats. So if you have one of those then you’ll have pass on me despite all my fine qualities. Plus, I need a home with active people because have energy to burn. My house manners are good, I like car rides, and I’ve started learning some of that obedience stuff. I like other dogs but I can play rough at times so we’d need to be a good match.
MatildaCattle Dog mix, Age 17 months, Girl
Courtesy listing: Matilda is not at Homeward Bound.

Matilda needs to find a home quickly. She is healing emotionally, and has made a lot of progress. She has had a lot of training so knows many commands. Click her photo to find out more