Meet our dogs! New dogs arrive at Homeward Bound weekly. Before they are made available on the website, they are vetted, seen by our veterinarian, and assessed to determine the best match for them and our adopters. Get pre-approved and stay in touch. You never know when your companion will arrive!

Meet the Dogs!

ArloGolden Retriever Mix, Age 10, Boy
If you are looking for a gentle friend and cuddle companion, Arlo is your boy. He is looking for a pet-free home with few stairs, and a family who will return all the love that Arlo will give. He would prefer to be your one-and-only and he is eligible for permanent foster. To learn more about Arlo and what that means, please click on his photo.
Holmes and Watson
Holmes and WatsonLabrador Retriever and Golden Retriever Mix, Ages 13 and 15, Boys
Do you know that saying “age is just a number”? Well, this holds true for Holmes and Watson. Their hearts’ desire is to find a pet-free home that is looking for two loyal companions who love their walks and gentle loving. These special boys are available as permanent fosters which means you provide the love and kibble, and Homeward Bound ensures their medical care! Please click on Holmes’ and Watson’s photo to learn more about them.
Jack and Jill
Jack and JillLabrador Retrievers, Age 7, Boy and Girl
Jack, who is going blind, and Jill love people and children almost as much as they love each other! Their Labrador natures are playful, intelligent and full of joy. These devoted siblings are looking for a pet-free home where they will be cherished and included in family activities, one of which can be continual training with leash-walking skills! Please read Jack and Jill’s story by clicking on their photo.
Ellie and Louis
Ellie and LouisDoodle Litter Mates, Age 10, Girl and Boy
This bonded duo is twice the fun and cuddle time! They are gentle, easy to walk and a barrel of fun! Like all of us, they are not without their quirks, but they are easily managed.
They are looking for a home together because they could not bear to be apart. Want to learn more? Click on their picture!
KarmaGolden Retriever, Age 9, Girl
Introducing Karma- an energetic girl who feels much younger than her age! Karma’s dream home is one that is cat-free and whose loving family will be home a lot. She gets along with most dogs, and older kids who understand that meal-time is best enjoyed alone! Please click on Karma’s photo to learn more about this sweet girl.
GoldieLabrador Retriever, Age 9, Girl
By clicking on Goldie’s picture, you will be able to read her whole story. The bottom line is Goldie’s gentle nature and her heart’s desire to be someone(s) forever companion. She will be so happy in a cat-free home with a family that loves to walk and shower her with the love Goldie so richly deserves!
EchoGolden/GSD Mix, Age 1, Boy
Echo knows nothing of being an indoor dog, but he has shown us that he is anxious and very willing to learn! This is not a dog for a beginner, but the perfect companion for a dog-savvy adventure lover who is willing to give him the time, training, patience and love he never got to experience. If you are the kind of person who believes you really can teach a young, high-energy dog new tricks, click on his picture to learn more!
DaisyLabrador Retriever, Age 5, Girl
An active and intelligent girl, Daisy gets along with most dogs and is so pretty in pink! She is looking to be the only pet in a home whose family enjoys exercise and reinforcing her obedience skills, followed by cuddles and love. You can read more about this affectionate girl by clicking on Daisy’s photo.
JaredLabrador Retriever, Age 6, Boy
Jared is super loving, smart and active – an ideal combination for an individual or family with matching attributes. He is looking for a pet-free home where his obedience and doggie-socialization training will be continued, alongside plenty of exercise and snuggle time! Please continue reading about this exceptional boy by clicking on Jared’s picture.
CharlieGolden Mix, Age 12, Boy
Charlie wants to find someone just like him: a homebody (or bodies!) who loves gentle play, walks, and cuddle time. He loves his people so much, he prefers to have one who is around a lot. In return, he has unconditional love to offer. Sound like a match? Click on his picture to learn more!
LeoLabrador Mix, Age 8, Boy
Leo was surrendered to us through no fault of his own. He is a very friendly boy who likes the company of everyone including some, but not all cats. A joy to walk, Leo’s gentle presence will bring abundant happiness to any home. To learn more about this sweetheart, just click on Leo’s picture.
OskarGolden Retriever, Age 3, Boy
Oskar is what we affectionately call a diamond in the ruff. This friendly boy needs a pet-free home whose family members are all dog-savvy and have the ability and love and guide this strong, intelligent dog toward all his potential. You can read about Oskar by clicking on his picture.
JakeLabrador Retriever, Age 12, Boy
Jake is one of those special dogs that any individual or family would be honored to have as a life-long companion. He enjoys the company of everyone and relishes his daily walks. He gave up a lot to be a prized hunting dog. Now he’s hoping for a chance to be a loved family dog living in a home. Please continue reading about this gentle boy by clicking on Jake’s photo.
Otis - ADOPTED!Labradoodle, Age 1, Boy
Full of charm, this intelligent boy loves everyone and gets along with children and other dogs (“everyone” does not include kitties!). Otis is looking for a cat-free family who enjoys play as much as he does, and who has the desire and patience to continue his training which is one of his favorite activities. Please click on Otis’ picture to learn about this awesome boy!
Raffi - COURTESY POSTMix, Age 5, Boy
Raffi is a dog, cat and people lover who’s good with kids and just wants to be part of the pack. He does not someone who will be around a lot because he gets sad when left alone. If you can see your way to provide that, he’ll provide the gratitude and unconditional love. To learn more, please click on his picture.