Meet our dogs! New dogs arrive at Homeward Bound weekly. Before they are made available on the website, they are vetted, seen by our veterinarian, and assessed to determine the best match for them and our adopters. Get pre-approved and stay in touch. You never know when your companion will arrive!

Meet the Dogs!

WatsonGolden Retriever Mix, Age 15, Boy
Age is just a number with Watson who is a playful and gentle boy. He will be so happy to once again live in a home, being surrounded by his heart’s companion(s). Homeward Bound will provide Watson’s medical care while you provide the love! Please read more by clicking on his photo.
ArloGolden Retriever/Great Pyrenees Mix, Age 10, Boy
The amount of love that Arlo wants to share with you is even bigger than he is! Arlo absolutely loves life and almost all living things he meets. If you have a joy for adventures and are seeking that special four-legged family member to accompany you, please click on this boy’s photo because he could be the one!
WrigleyLabrador Retriever, Age 5, Boy
Wrigley is a loyal and protective family dog who cared deeply for his family. With proper introductions, he is good with dogs, cats and others. He is looking for people who can help him feel confident in new situations and return his loyalty by making him feel safe when he needs it. Click on his photo to learn more about this faithful companion.
Andre Great Pyrenees, Age 8, Boy
A natural at lying by your side, Andre has the gentlest of souls. He is looking for his one (or more!) true love with whom he can walk and share stories, and then settle down for a cozy evening. You will learn more about this loyal boy by clicking on his photo.
IvanGolden Retriever, Age 7, Boy
Ivan is a lovable goofball who adores people, gets along with most dogs and would love older kids who can safely romp with him. What you put in is what you get out. Invest in his training and he will be your faithful family companion! Just click on Ivan’s photo for more.
Riley - ADOPTED!
Riley - ADOPTED!Labrador Retriever, Age 7 Months, Girl
An active and intelligent puppy, Riley loves people, most dogs and cats, and children over seven years who know how to “remain standing” during playtime! Her obedience training needs to be continued with a patient heart- the result will be your perfect family dog. Please click on Riley’s photo who is waiting to meet you!
CaseyGolden Doodle, Age 5, Boy
Casey is a special boy in search of a special someone of the female persuasion. He is a well-trained guy who bonds deeply with his person. He needs a dog-savvy and patient person to help him feel safe and at home. Is that you? Click on his photo to learn more.
BenjiGolden Retriever/Labrador Retriever Mix, Age 1, Boy
Benji is a gentle-natured boy who will melt your heart. Still unsure of the outside world, another dog companion and teacher will help Benji feel comfortable and safe as you work to support his developing confidence with loving patience. Please click on his photo to find out more about this very special boy.
LaurelLabrador Retriever Mix, Age 4, Boy
Is your home simply aching for a tender-hearted dog who will bring a life-time of joy with him? Then Laurel is the one for you because he is wishing for the same. He will be faithful and loving, and hopes you will learn all about him by clicking on his photo.
Shasta Labrador Retriever, Age 7, Girl
Shasta is a sweet and companionable pup who is hoping for a loving, pet-free home with dog-savvy people to share in the fun of continuing her positive obedience and focus training; older children are welcomed. She has impeccable house manners, and would love access to a secure yard while in the company of her beloved humans. Please continue reading about this special girl by clicking on her photo.
Brody - ADOPTED!
Brody - ADOPTED!Labrador-Golden Mix, Age 1, Boy
Playful, energetic boy born of Golden mom and Labby dad – who loves other dogs and kids seeks family that believes the dog is part of the family. Watch him blossom with patience and love! Click on his photo to learn more.
SassyLabrador Retriever, Age 1, Girl
Sweet, smart, good with kids and dogs and lives up to her name…Sassy! A tripod, but she doesn’t know it and neither will you! Click on her photo to learn more.
Prince - ADOPTED!
Prince - ADOPTED!Great Pyrenees, Age 2, Boy
Calm and gentle giant who will look over you and your family as Great Pyrenees do. Click on his photo to learn more.
Shilah Labrador Retriever Mix, Age 1, Girl
Can you say Puppy?! Shilah is a sweet youngster who has proven herself to be a great family dog. She has had a solid training foundation but still possess that bouncy puppy enthusiasm. She likes dogs, sturdy kids, and people who love to play and grow together. Ready for a big puppy? Click on her photo to learn more.
Gizmo Doodle, Age 2, Girl
This special girl is learning the joys of being around people and would love to live with another dog. All you need is a gentleness that will support Gizmo’s adventure in discovering the wonderful world around her! To read all about this exceptional pup, please click on Gizmo’s photo.
Rosie - ADOPTED!
Rosie - ADOPTED!Golden Retriever, Age 12, Girl
Rosie’s heart is made of golden Velcro and along with the rest of her, this cuddle bug is so much younger than her years. She will you love you completely, and hopes to have your company forever and always. Your special companion is only a click away!
RiverGolden Retriever, Age 2.5, Boy
Playful, smart and affectionate boy seeks outdoorsy family for fun and adventures. Click on his photo to learn more.
Hardy - ADOPTED!
Hardy - ADOPTED!Labrador Retriever Mix, Age 4, Boy
Hardy is a big, serene boy with the most soulful eyes. A loving home with a large yard and companionable exercise is all he will ask of you, and your life will be complete with Hardy by your side. His story can be read by clicking on this amazing boy’s photo.
Cooper - ADOPTED!
Cooper - ADOPTED!Labrador Retriever, Age 8, Boy
Loves everyone and everything with all the best Lab traits and trained to boot! Click on his photo to learn more.
Riley 2 - ADOPTED!
Riley 2 - ADOPTED!Golden Retriever Mix, Age 10, Boy
Looking for that perfect companion who is so happy to be in the company of people, whether it be walking, enjoying the backyard or snuggling together? Riley is the boy for you! To find out more about this sweetheart, just click on Riley’s photo.
Buddy - ADOPTED!
Buddy - ADOPTED!Golden Retriever, Age2, Boy
This big-hearted puppy is ideal for a family on the go! Buddy has so much love to give and lots of energy to share in your future adventures. And if you have another dog, all the better but not a necessity. Please click on Buddy’s photo to find out more.
Tanna - ADOPTED!
Tanna - ADOPTED!Doodle, Age 2, Girl
Soft-hearted, gentle, lover of all people- this is the perfect description of Tanna. She will be a wonderful addition to your family and a most loyal companion. To find out if Tanna is the one for you, please continue reading by clicking on her photo.
J.J. - ADOPTED!Poodle, Age 1, Boy
J.J.’s personality is as adorable and sweet as his photo. Adopting him will be like bringing home a permanent ray of sunshine. J.J. is waiting to meet you, so please click on his darling picture for more details about him.
Diesel - Adoption Pending
Diesel - Adoption PendingLabrador Retriever, Age 6, Boy
Our volunteers describe Diesel as loving, intelligent, out-going and strong. As with many intelligent dogs, Diesel’s motto is “no surprises are the best surprises!” This special boy is good with most kids, and is wanting a calm and cat-free home where his socialization and obedience training will be continued with patience and love. Please click on his photo to read more about him.