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Meet our dogs! New dogs arrive at Homeward Bound weekly. Before they are made available on the website, they are vetted, seen by our veterinarian, and assessed to determine the best match for them and our adopters.

Meet the Dogs!

RaiderAge 12, Boy
I found out when I got here that my manners needed some refinement so I’m attending finishing school. But don’t let that stop you! I’m motivated to move on to my new home so come out and meet me now. How can you pass up a mug like this?
BuieGolden Retriever, Age 12, Boy
I’ve gotten along just fine with my entire tail so no need to worry about that. Just went in to the Dog Doc for some cosmetic work to make me even more handsome. I got all the dog stuff nailed down. I’ve got a great personality. Not much to keep you from putting in your application and meet. Don’t let my 12 years of experience keep you from meeting one of the best.
WalterChihuahua, Age 10, Boy
I’m a little guy but I got a big heart. I’m not afraid of the big dogs, and I like to play with them a little if they’re polite. I’m a confident boy and cute as a button so I don’t expect to be here long. Click my photo for more information, then you best make an appointment to meet me soon!
BrunoGolden Mix, Age 10, Boy
I’m a social guy, for sure. If I were a human, I’d be doing that social media stuff a lot. But I’m not so I like to hang out with people and chat. I’m a talker, for sure. I’ve still got a lot of energy so I like activities too. Like swimming. I’m a swimmer, for sure. So click my pic to get the 411 and come see me. You’ll want to take me home, for sure.
Ginger - ADOPTED!
Ginger - ADOPTED!Golden Retriever, Age 10, Girl
I’d like to be the only pet in your house… and the truth is that I am really all you need. I’m sweet and easy on the eyes. I love to play ball and go for walks. I can just hang out with you if you want. Young kids and crowds make me nervous so let’s avoid those two things. Come on in and say hi. i’m probably your kind of girl.
MiloGolden Mix, Age 9, Boy
I’m one of those dogs that got stuck in the backyard and spent a lot of time by myself. I missed out some, I guess, but I’m ready to make up for lost time. I’ve been working hard at improving myself and expanding my horizons. Maybe you could help me make the most of life? Come in and meet me, and we’ll talk.
BoLabrador Retriever, Age 8, Boy
Have you heard that Black Labs are becoming increasingly popular? Yup, it’s true.
Could be because we are s-o-o-o-o-o-o-o gorgeous. Or because we are fun dogs. Or that we’re affectionate. I like tennis balls and I’m good on a leash. What more could you ask for? Click my pic for more info! Don’t forget to put in an online application if you have’t already.
CodyLabrador Retriever, Age 8, Boy
Nope, I’m not Bo. Sheesh! I get that all the time just because my brother and I look so much alike. So handsome alike! We may look the same but we are different dogs. I’m a little more reserved when I first meet people but I have the same yearning for love in my heart. I also did much better learning that obedience junk. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

Oso Lab/Shepherd Mix, Age 7, Boy
I’m only 7 but somehow my eyes have already stopped working. They can’t be fixed but I’m okay with that because I can still do everything I need to do. I had to leave my family because one of my human kids became allergic to me. Now I’m looking for a new person or family to take care of. Come on in and I’ll let you know if you’re a good match for me.
JourneyMix, Age 3 months, Girl
There’s nothing like a puppy, right? C’mon. Admit it. You saw my photo and went, “Awwwww, look at that adorable puppy.” I’m just 3 months old so you get to train me and shape me into the best dog ever. I won’t lie to though. It is a lot of work, and you have to have the time and energy to be my life sensei. If you think you’re up to it, fill out an app and come meet me.
Courtesy Post - Nilkki
Courtesy Post - NilkkiGolden/Shepherd Mix, Age 4 years, Girl
Sweet, young Golden/Shepherd mix looking for a new home. I am happiest when around my people and getting loved on. And I give that love right back. I’m also good on a leash. Click my photo for more info, or call Michael at 925-518-6829.
Courtesy Post - Arias
Courtesy Post - AriasLabrador Retriever Mix, Age 2 years, Girl
I’m an outstanding dog looking for someone to provide me with good leadership so I can be all I can be. Looking for a dog that can play hard? But also loves affection? One that is smart and has pretty eyes? I’m your girl. I’ve worked hard at adjusting my play style so I don’t overwhelm the boys. And I’m doing much better now. Click my pic for more information. Or call my foster, Rob, at 916-206-8260.