Meet our dogs! New dogs arrive at Homeward Bound weekly. Before they are made available on the website, they are vetted, seen by our veterinarian, and assessed to determine the best match for them and our adopters. Get pre-approved and stay in touch. You never know when your companion will arrive!

Meet the Dogs!

WatsonGolden Retriever Mix, Age 15, Boy
Meet Watson- professional ball chaser (when the mood strikes him) whose age is just a number! Watson’s dream home is one that is cat-free whose family enjoys leisurely walks, throwing the ball, and sitting together in quiet comfort. He gets along with other dogs, and is available as a Permanent Foster – meaning Homeward Bound will provide for all his medical needs for life. Sound like your heart’s new companion? Just click on Watson’s photo to read his story!
ArloGolden Retriever/German Shepherd Mix, Age 10, Boy
“Senior dogs were made for snuggling.” This anonymous quote is Arlo’s motto! This active pup loves other dogs, loves cats even more, and thinks older kids who are comfortable with his size are great companions. Arlo is looking for a home to share all the love in his big heart. He just needs guidance in curbing his innocent exuberance when meeting new people and other companion animals. To learn more about him, please click on Arlo’s photo!
ShastaLabrador Retriever, Age 7, Girl
Shasta is a sweet and companionable pup who is hoping for a loving, pet-free home with dog-savvy people to share in the fun of continuing her positive obedience and focus training; older children are welcomed. She has impeccable house manners, and would love access to a secure yard while in the company of her beloved humans. Please continue reading about this special girl by clicking on her photo.
Echo Golden/GSD Mix, Age 1, Boy
Echo knows nothing of being an indoor dog, but he has shown us that he is anxious and very willing to learn! This is not a dog for a beginner, but the perfect companion for a dog-savvy adventure lover who is willing to give him the time, training, patience and love he never got to experience. If you are the kind of person who believes you really can teach a young, high-energy dog new tricks, click on his picture to learn more!
EssexGolden Retriever, Age 8, Girl
What’s not to love about this adorable girl?! Essex’ engaging and easy-going nature makes her the perfect companion dog for an affectionate and cat-free home. She gets along with most children and most dogs, and will be so happy to meet you! To learn more about Essex, please click on her photo.
WrigleyLabrador Retriever, Age 5, Boy
Wrigley has carried the weight of the world for all of his five years, and is so deserving of a patient and loving adult-only home. Loyal and intelligent by nature, Wrigley will blossom with a dog-savvy person(s) who will help him develop confidence in all of life’s situations. Given time, he gets along with most dogs and cats. Please continue reading about this affectionate boy by clicking on his photo.
LandonGolden Retriever Mix, Age 4, Boy
Landon is an amazing and intelligent boy who needs both mental and physical activity to live his best life. He requires a calm, pet-free home with dog-savvy people who are able to channel his energy through patient obedience and socialization training. Older children who are also dog-savvy will be his BFFs. Click on Landon’s photo to discover if this friendly boy is your new forever companion.
JasmineLabrador Retriever, Age 7, Girl
Jasmine loves being in the company of people and older kids who can keep up with this energetic girl. She gets along with most dogs, and is looking for a cat-free and active home where love and play and leash training is boundless! Just click on Jasmine’s photo to learn all about her.
ShilahLabrador Retriever Mix, Age 1, Girl
Can you say Puppy!?! Shilah is very sweet youngster with a lot of energy in need of an individual or family who will be committed to her training. She is on the look-out for a cat-free home where Shilah will be given the time and patience she deserves. Children need to be older so they can keep up with this bouncy girl! Please continue reading about Shilah by clicking on her photo.
Rio - FOSTER TO ADOPTLabrador Retriever, Age 9, Boy
Rio’s new home will be so lucky to have him join its family! This affectionate boy is looking for dog-savvy people whose home has few or no stairs and another calm, confident dog(s) to love and guide him. Rio gets along with most cats and he will be happiest if you are often at home. Children need to be old enough to support Rio’s growing self-confidence. Please click on Rio’s photo to learn all about him- he is so wanting to meet you!
Andre - ADOPTED!
Andre - ADOPTED!Great Pyrenees, Age 8, Boy
Andre is a natural at lying by your side, taking leisurely strolls through the neighborhood and being an affectionate companion. He gets along with everyone including other dogs, and his only request is a stair-free home where he will be loved. Click on Andre’s photo to be one step closer to possibly finding your new family member!
Sammy - ADOPTED!
Sammy - ADOPTED!Labrador Retriever, Age 12, Boy
“Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.” ~ Sydney Jeanne Sewed. This quote expresses only one of the many joys that await the person or family who welcomes Sammy into their home with few or no stairs. This gentle boy loves everyone, including other dogs and cats. He is available as a Permanent Foster which means Homeward Bound will be responsible for his medical needs. By clicking on Sammy’s photo, you will learn all about this special dog.
Deisel - ADOPTED!
Deisel - ADOPTED!Labrador Retriever, Age 6, Boy
The urban dictionary defines “diesel” as awesome, strong and great, all of which describe this affectionate, people-loving boy! Diesel is looking for a cat-free home whose individual or family will enjoy continuing his obedience, dog-socialization training, and supporting his developing self-confidence. Older children who can keep up with this big pup is fine by him- the more the merrier! Just click Diesel’s photo for more information.
Justice - ADOPTED!
Justice - ADOPTED!Golden Retriever/ Great Pyrenees Mix, Age 6, Girl
Justice has always lived in the outdoors, and needs a dog-savvy individual or family to patiently teach her the joys of living inside a home. Her heart requires access to a comfortable and secured large yard. Children understanding her training needs will be welcomed by Justice who gets along with most cats and some dogs. To learn more about this loyal girl, just click on her photo!
Blackie - ADOPTED!
Blackie - ADOPTED!Shih Tzu Mix, Age 10, Boy
And then there was one! Blackie’s buddy Blondie hitched a ride with another family so the odd couple is no more. Blackie is playful, energetic, friendly toward most other dogs, and thinks older children would make gentle companions. He’s not so much looking for adventure as a quiet home where the humans enjoy walking, playing with any toy imaginable, and then settling in for cuddles and then more cuddles! Blackie has been so patiently waiting for you! Just click on his photo to learn more!