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Meet our dogs! New dogs arrive at Homeward Bound weekly. Before they are made available on the website, they are vetted, seen by our veterinarian, and assessed to determine the best match for them and our adopters. Get pre-approved and stay in touch. You never know when your companion will arrive!

Meet the Dogs!

SamGolden Mix, Age 12, Boy
I can tick a lot of boxes for being a fantastic dog. But there a couple items that make it more challenging for me to find the right home. Click on my photo to find out more about that and why I am considered a “Special Needs” dog. I’m a candidate to be a “Permanent Foster” dog for local adopters. That means that you are responsible for my food and general well being and giving me lots of love. Click the pic. I’m worth it.
Domino - ADOPTION PENDING!Lab Mix, Age 8, Girl
Domino is a sweet and gentle girl who really enjoys the company of other dogs. She is shy at first, but is learning to trust that human companionship is also a wonderful thing. Domino will blossom into a fun and loyal companion in a loving home that is cat-free, and hopefully another dog who is looking for a true friend. Click on her photo to learn more about her!
Wrangler - ADOPTED!
Wrangler - ADOPTED!Golden Mix, Age 9, Boy
Wrangler is an active, energetic boy in need of adventures and a confident, dog-savvy human who can help him with his leash reactivity. He likes other dogs and enjoys play groups, but needs your help to overcome this one hurdle. Are you the person he needs? Click on his picture to learn more.
Harry - ADOPTED!
Harry - ADOPTED!Mix, Age 8, Boy
I’m one of those gentle souls that makes for an outstanding companion in the home. I’m not as active as I probably was years ago but I still need to get my exercise in every day. I’m not ready to be a couch potato just yet! There some meds I have to take every day but here’s the really neat thing: HB has made me one of those Permanent Foster dogs (for adopters in the Sacramento area). That means HB will provide my meds so all you need to do is provide me with food and a loving home.
Spencer - ADOPTION PENDING!Great Pyrenees/Lab, Age 1, Boy
Spencer is a gentle and shy boy who would love to live with another dog. His sweet nature blossoms into one filled with confidence when he has a canine friend by his side. Once he gets to know you, be ready for lots of love and fun! Please click on Spencer’s photo to read his story.
Frosty - ADOPTED!
Frosty - ADOPTED!Mix, Age 11, Boy
This happy and affectionate boy is young at heart. Frosty loves to play and interact with people and children. He is looking for a cat-free home where his love will be returned and his leash-walking skills refreshed! Just click on Frosty’s photo to learn all about him.
Sherman - SPECIAL NEEDSDoodle, Age 6, Blind, Boy
Sherman lost his sight but not his love of people and dogs! He was a bit under the weather for a bit, but he’s feeling good and ready to look for a home again. He still needs some help learning to navigate his new world – and he needs a person who will stay on top of his puppy-like ways to keep him safe. He’s not looking for sympathy…just a good mentor who happens to be a loving human, too. If you are a person who has the patience and time to help guide him in his new world, click on his picture to read his story.
Dakota - ADOPTED!
Dakota - ADOPTED!Golden Mix, Age 7, Boy
Living inside a home is all new for Dakota…walking on a leash…playing with toys…all that, too! But he’s loving learning how to do it all and SO looking forward to being an inside dog! He likes dogs, cats, and kids. If you think you can help him learn how to be a real member of the family, click on his pic to read his story. If you’re looking for two…ask about his brother who is with us too!
Duke - ADOPTED!Golden Retriever, Age 13, Boy
Don’t let Duke’s age fool you! He is an active and loving boy who really enjoys playing and going on walks. Duke is looking to be the only pet in an equally loving home. If you are looking for a most loyal companion, please click on his photo to read all about this affectionate boy.
Rocky - ADOPTED!
Rocky - ADOPTED!Lab Mix, Age 9, Boy
Hello out there, my name is Rocky. Homeward Bound found me in a shelter where I was the volunteers’ favorite. To toot my own horn, I am a gentle soul who loves people and enjoys the company of children, dogs and cats. I have a respiratory condition that does not permit me to be outdoors when it is hot, but I can go on very short walks when it is cool, which I love. I need a home with no stairs, and I promise to be your loving and loyal companion forever and always. I guess I have a way of wiggling into people’s hearts and staying there; someone called it the best trait ever! I am available as a Permanent Foster if you live within 30 miles of HB. Please click on my photo to learn more about that…and me!
Emma - ADOPTED!Lab Mix, Age 3, Girl
Under Emma’s timid and gentle way is an active girl who enjoys the company of people and the love they share with her. This beauty is looking for a home full of loving security, and fun and games. Just click her pic to learn more about Emma!