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Meet our dogs! New dogs arrive at Homeward Bound weekly. Before they are made available on the website, they are vetted, seen by our veterinarian, and assessed to determine the best match for them and our adopters.

Meet the Dogs!

RaiderLabrador Retriever, Age 12, Boy
I had to take a break from the website due to be being under the weather. But I’m back and ready to go! Home, that is. Just remember that I’m no couch potato. I’ve got more energy than most 12 year old dogs. If you thought you missed out on meeting me, you have another chance now! Make the most of it — call now!
Ariel & Mason
Ariel & MasonAriel: Mix, Age 12, Girl / Mason: Golden Retriever, Age 11, Boy
The people at Homeward Bound love us to death, and don’t want to see us go. As popular as we are here, it’s time for us to find our own home. We know there’s people out there that really need a pair of charming, sweet dogs. Click our photo for more information. Not that you really need to know anything else. See you soon!
GingerGolden Retriever, Age 10, Girl
I’d like to be the only pet in your house… and the truth is that I am really all you need. I’m sweet and easy on the eyes. I love to play ball and go for walks. I can just hang out with you if you want. Young kids and crowds make me nervous so let’s avoid those two things. Come on in and say hi. i’m probably your kind of girl.
MishaGolden Retriever, Age 8, Girl
I’m an all-around great dog … just a bit too big around is all. But I started my weight loss program and will probably lose more weight than you in the next few months. I love kids, like other dogs, and even cats are okay. I’m great in the house but could use some leash training. Best come scoop me up before someone else beats you to me. Click on me for more info.
Oso Lab/Shepherd Mix, Age 7, Boy
I’m only 7 but somehow my eyes have already stopped working. They can’t be fixed but I’m okay with that because I can still do everything I need to do. I had to leave my family because one of my human kids became allergic to me. Now I’m looking for a new person or family to take care of. Come on in and I’ll let you know if you’re a good match for me.
DugGolden Mix, Age 7, Boy
Don’t worry, I didn’t get this name because of the holes I dug. But if you come out and meet me, I am pretty sure you will “dig” me, as the beatniks used to say. I do have a truth I need to share. I’m not so fond of little kids. You too? Great then, let’s you and I get together. That is, if you are looking for a neat dog to be your loving companion. Click my pic to find out more.
CharlieLabrador Retriever, Age 2 years, Boy
I’ve really come into my own here lately. I was a bit shy shy and scared when I got here. No more! I’ve been meeting people and playing with dogs, and my confidence is up like the stock market! Now, I don;t give financial advice but I’m loads of fun and everyone here loves me. Maybe you will too! Click on my photo to get more info.
JourneyLab/Shepherd Mix, Age 5 months, Girl
Looking for an adventure? I’m your girl! My special friend has put me on the right path but its time for someone else to take over to guide me the rest of the way. It would also be most excellent if you have a big dog for me to play with cuz the little ones aren’t sturdy enough for me. But be forewarned that I am sassy, spunky, plucky, fearless, saucy, bold, and brash. Not all at the same time though.
Courtesy Post - Arias
Courtesy Post - Arias Labrador Retriever Mix, Age 2 years, Girl
I’m an outstanding dog looking for someone to provide me with good leadership so I can be all I can be. Looking for a dog that can play hard? But also loves affection? One that is smart and has pretty eyes? I’m your girl. I’ve worked hard at adjusting my play style so I don’t overwhelm the boys. And I’m doing much better now. Click my pic for more information. Or call my foster, Rob, at 916-206-8260.