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Meet our dogs! New dogs arrive at Homeward Bound weekly. Before they are made available on the website, they are vetted, seen by our veterinarian, and assessed to determine the best match for them and our adopters.

Meet the Dogs!

Batman - Adopted!
Batman - Adopted!Golden Retriever, Age 14, Boy
Why do the humans keep asking me if I’m really 14 years old? Why in blazes would I fib about something like that? Come on out and meet me and we’ll go for a run. If you can keep up with me …
MamboAge 12, Boy
That’s “Mambo” not “Mumbo Jumbo”. I’m older now and looking to retire in a nice comfortable home. I still like to go for walks but forget those long hikes. That’s what cars are for. Click my photo to learn more. When you come in, tell ’em, “Mambo sent me.”
JakeyGolden Mix, Age 12, Boy
I got a huge break getting out of the shelter but my escape is not yet complete. I need you to come visit me to see if I’m the right dog for you. It’s probably okay if you already have another dog just as long as you have a bed for me. Click my photo to find out more.
RaiderAge 12, Boy
I found out when I got here that my manners needed some refinement so I’m attending finishing school. But don’t let that stop you! I’m motivated to move on to my new home so come out and meet me now. How can you pass up a mug like this?
BrandiAge 11, Girl
You’re in luck, I’m back at HB so you get another opportunity to take me home! I’ve been called pretty, plus I have a great personality. Can’t beat that! Click my photo for more information.
Buddy the Lab
Buddy the LabLabrador Retriever, Age 11, Boy
I don’t get around very quickly anymore but, believe me, I still get around. So if you have a secure yard and want a pal to hang out with, I’m your guy. Click the pic for more information. Don’t forget to fill out an application. Ask for Buddy.
Chini & Alfie
Chini & AlfieGolden Retriever and Mixed Breed, Age 11, Boy & Girl
There’s nothing sweeter than a bonded pair. We’re also cute and guaranteed to make you smile! Click the pic and find out more about us.
RileyLabrador Retriever, Age 8, Boy
After knee surgery and rehab I am rarin’ to go. I’m an affectionate, fun loving guy looking for a new home where I can be the only dog. I like the water and playing fetch but I’m also open to new adventures. Click my photo if you are too.
JacksonFool's Gold, Age 7, Boy
Sometimes I talk a little too much but it’s just because I am lonely … for you. Come on in and meet me so we can talk about my going home with you. Click on my photo to find out more.
NicoLabrador Retriever, Age 6, Boy
I had to live outdoors at my last house. That may be why my life’s obsession is chasing the ball. It’s probably time I expanded my horizons. Hey, maybe you can help me with that. I can still play ball with you but we can do other things together too! Click my pic and find out more!
Logan - Adopted!
Logan - Adopted!Labrador Retriever, Age 7, Boy
I’m one of the nicest, most laid-back, well behaved dog you will ever meet. No brag, just fact. When people look at me they smile even if I’m not doing anything. I do have some things to work on but I’m game if you are! Click my photo to find out more about me.
Jingle - ADOPTED!
Jingle - ADOPTED!Labrador Retriever, Age 7, Girl
I’m an active girl with many interests so it will work much better if you’re not a couch potato. I’m a well-behaved girl and I like kids. I’m exceptionally good looking. C’mon, what more can you reasonably ask for? Click the pic and let’s get this going.
ChiefLabrador Mix, Age 6, Boy
I’m a dog with a story. Some of it heartbreaking, true. But I believe in happy endings, and I know I am moving quickly toward one of my own. I’m a pretty big guy so make sure that fits into your lifestyle. Click on me below to get the rest of the story.
SparrowAge 4, Girl
I am a special girl with a long journey – as you can see, but I’m beginning to look like a dog again! I’m OK with other dogs, LOVE my people, but no cats or critters please…for their own protection! Click on my photo and fall in love with me.
Molly - ADOPTED!
Molly - ADOPTED!Golden Mix, 1.5 years, Girl
Looking for a puppy? I’m your girl. I’m smaller than most Goldens so I don’t take up as much room. And I need some training so you’ll be able to mold me into a fantastic dog. Plus, I have the energy to keep up with you. Click my pic. Now!
Bear - ADOPTED!Golden Mix, 1.5 years, Boy
My siblings and I mostly raised ourselves because we didn’t have much human supervision. I’m not wild but I do need a little extra attention. I’m and active boy that loves people. If you’re active and willing to spend some time on me, we could start a beautiful friendship together!
Buddy aka Squish - ADOPTED!
Buddy aka Squish - ADOPTED!Fool's Gold, 1 year, Boy
I got a great war story to tell the boys when we go out for a beer. Yup, I tangled with a car and lived to tell the tale. And you should see that car! Click on my photo below and I’ll tell you more about myself.
Moose - ADOPTED!
Moose - ADOPTED!Golden Mix, 1 year, Boy
Do I look like a moose to you? Humans and their naming habits. Sheesh! What you need to know is that I am a uniquely handsome boy looking for a new home. I may be just a little bit rough around the edges but I’m worth the extra effort. Come out and meet me and see for yourself!