Meet our dogs! New dogs arrive at Homeward Bound weekly. Before they are made available on the website, they are vetted, seen by our veterinarian, and assessed to determine the best match for them and our adopters. Get pre-approved and stay in touch. You never know when your companion will arrive!

Meet the Dogs!

TaffyGolden Retriever, Age 9, Girl
Taffy is pure Golden love – affectionate, playful, a true cuddle bug. In other words, she will bring lots of love and joy into your home! You can read more about Taffy by clicking on her photo.
KobeLabrador Retriever, Age 7, Boy
Sweet boy seeks special angel who will stay by his side, keep him out of trouble, and make this the very best time of his life. Homeward Bound will ensure that all of his needs are met. Click on his photo to learn his story.
ElliottLabrador Retriever, Age 6, All Boy!
Sweet but energetic and exuberant boy seeks dedicated, dog-smart human who knows that you get out of a dog what you put in. Ready to bring out the best in this overgrown puppy? Click on his photo to learn all about Elliott!
GunnerLabrador Retriever Mix, Age 6, Boy
This handsome boy is applying for the position of your family dog! He gets along with everyone: dogs, cats, and kids and will quickly learn your household rules. So smart! Click on his photo to learn more.
DylanGolden Retriever, Age 2, Boy
This wonderful, people and dog-loving boy is ready to go to a home whose family lives close to Homeward Bound. Dylan is smart, enjoys his continual training, and only wants to love on you! Please read his story by clicking on Dylan’s photo.
AnnieLab Mix, Age 2, Girl
Annie is a girlie-girl who likes to play, but needs to take things slow and easy to start. Her tender heart requires a patient person and, hopefully, a dog friend to show her the way. Click on her photo to learn more.
MollySaint Bernard, Age 1, Girl
Molly is an affectionate, bright girl who is doing so well learning obedience cues for blind dogs. She is dreaming of a stair-free home with a loving family who will continue her training so Molly will have her perfect life. Please learn more about her by clicking on Molly’s photo.
BrieGolden Retriever, Age 1, Girl
This great pup is looking for a special home and a small accommodation. Brie knows most obedience cues, loves being with people, kids, most cats, and really loves other dogs! She is available as a Permanent Foster and Homeward Bound will take care of her medical needs. Brie is a gem of a dog- please click on her photo for more information.
PrincessLabrador Retriever, Age 1, Girl
Princess is looking for love which includes a home with another dog friend, and a person or family who will guide her as she grows into her best self, (kitties are also welcomed!). Please click on this adorable girl’s photo to learn more.
ChewbaccaGreat Pyrenees, Age 1, Boy
This gentle giant will be by your side through thick and thin. Chewbacca is asking for a home where someone including kids, another dog or even a kitty will keep him company and his devoted nature fulfilled. Chewbacca just wants to be home. Please learn more about him by clicking on his photo.
RoyGolden Mix Doodle, Age 1, Boy
Tender-hearted boy seeks quiet and calm house and a family dedicated to gradually expanding his world and building his confidence. Bonus: trained running partner! Click on his photo to read his story.