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Meet our dogs! New dogs arrive at Homeward Bound weekly. Before they are made available on the website, they are vetted, seen by our veterinarian, and assessed to determine the best match for them and our adopters. Get pre-approved and stay in touch. You never know when your companion will arrive!

Meet the Dogs!

AprilLabrador Retriever, Age 4, Girl
High-energy, extra-enthusiastic, all-Lab girl seeks people who can keep up with her! She has a great training foundation but left alone too long with no one to play with, she will go searching for companionship. An active (cat-less) family dedicated to wearing her down and continuing our insistence on “four-on-the-floor” is just what this fun and loving girl needs! Sound like a match? Click on her picture to learn more.
Kevin - Read my Update!
Kevin - Read my Update!Labrador Mix, Age 3, Boy
After months of treatment, Kevin’s heartworms have been banished and he is allowed to play again! Now, we are working on reintroducing this sweet boy to other dogs through play group and socialization. It was frustrating to be separated so long! Kevin is a very people-friendly boy who needs dog savvy people committed to his continue training, socialization, and enjoying life again! Are you looking for that special dog who will be your loyal companion forevermore? Please click on Kevin’s photo to read his story.
BeaumontBelgian Shepherd Mix, Age 10, Boy
Warm-hearted; happy; devoted; and dog-friendly. These are just a few of the ways we describe this boy. Beaumont has great house manners and loves to be in the company of people. He is true to his breed in his need of daily, active exercise, and continual obedience training to keep that smart brain of his on the best track. Please continue to read Beaumont’s story by clicking on his photo.
DominoLab Mix, Age 8, Girl
Domino was a loved girl at home and excellent house dog. It broke her mom’s heart to bring her back when something in the yard or house began to make her sick. She has been well back with us, and is hoping to find love again. She is looking for a quiet, calm home maybe with a dog companion, but definitely no cats! Shy at first, this love bug soon turns to Velcro. Need a snuggle bug to call your own? Click on her picture to learn more.
SnoopyLab Mix, Age 1, Boy
At such a tender age, what this lovable boy needs is a family that has time to spend with him. Left out alone, he will go searching for companionship. He is fun, energetic, kind to his doggy friends, loves kids and even cats! He needs a secure fence, but mostly, he needs attention, play, training and love. Looking for a perfect family dog? Click on his picture to learn more!
Ellie and Louis
Ellie and LouisDoodle Litter Mates, Age 10, Girl and Boy
This bonded duo is twice the fun and cuddle time! Little as she is, Ellie is definitely in charge of the get-along/go-along Louis. She is not fond of sharing her food and toys which is just as well because she is also the designated hall monitor who insists that no socks, gloves, or squishy things get left around for Louis to eat! Easy to walk and gentle, they are looking for a home together because they could not bear to be apart. Want to learn more? Click on their picture!
Diesel - ADOPTED!
Diesel - ADOPTED!Border Collie, Age 10, Boy
Coming from a loving home where family circumstances led to his surrender to us, Diesel is yearning for an individual or family who will love him forever. This active and loyal boy will be happiest in a pet-free home where his new beginnings will include patience to turn his loss into assurance, and continual training to support his amazing intelligence and desire to bond. Please click on Diesel’s photo to learn his story.
Ben - ADOPTED!Golden Mix, Age 2, Boy
“It’s not him, it’s me!” Adopted from a shelter recently, Ben’s new mom fell head-over-heels in love but realized that this young, active boy needed a whole lot more than she could give him. Excellent in the home, he’s a little unsure about things – including other dogs in his face – having been bounced around recently. Patience, love and stability will build his confidence and bring out the very best in Ben. Have what he needs? Click on his picture to learn more.
Mason - ADOPTED!
Mason - ADOPTED!Golden Lab Mix, Age 11, Boy
Mason is a true gentleman who is always smiling. He is recovering from Heartworm disease which means he can enjoy his daily short walks, but needs to have limited activity for the next three months. And then he will be able to play ball with you! Mason qualifies for our Golden Touch Program which you can learn all about by clicking on this special boy’s photo. He would love to be home for the holidays with you!