Well-mannered, house-trained, and equipped with a good training foundation, young Tucker needs an adult-only household with people who can keep him safe from eating temptations! If you keep a tidy household…there’s a great boy waiting for you here!

  • Lean-in for love type of young Golden boy
  • Great dog who is unfortunately drawn to eating things he shouldn’t
  • Needs tidy, adults-only household and tidy yard
  • House-trained; well-mannered; walks well on leash; knows some commands
  • A perfect boy for diligent people who will keep him safe

Three strikes and you’re out! Apparently, that’s the rule when you eat one too many pairs of undies and have to have them surgically removed! My people just felt like they could not keep me safe, so here I am at Homeward Bound. It’s not just undies I crave…I like socks, soft toys, rocks, and who knows what else! (I’m not telling!) That’s why Homeward Bound says I need to go to a home with only tidy adults and a tidy backyard. Concrete and brick are my best friends! I’m a young boy – only one and a half years old. While I really enjoy the company of other nice dogs and play well with others, unless that dog is willing to forgo all toys, I would be best as your one and only and we can just visit with doggie friends. I am otherwise perfect: house-trained, well-mannered, know some commands, and walk well on leash. I’m friendly and very happy to meet new people. And I’m one of those affectionate Goldens who leans way in for love. I just need a person or persons who will keep me safe…and out of the vet’s office!




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