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Meet our dogs! New dogs arrive at Homeward Bound weekly. Before they are made available on the website, they are vetted, seen by our veterinarian, and assessed to determine the best match for them and our adopters. Get pre-approved and stay in touch. You never know when your companion will arrive!

Meet the Dogs!

Sherman Doodle, Age 6, Blind, Boy
Sherman lost his sight but not his love of people and dogs! He was a bit under the weather for a bit, but he’s feeling good and ready to look for a home again. He still needs some help learning to navigate his new world – and he needs a person who will stay on top of his puppy-like ways to keep him safe. He’s not looking for sympathy…just a good mentor who happens to be a loving human, too. If you are a person who has the patience and time to help guide him in his new world, click on his picture to read his story.
Molly Labrador Retriever, Age 9, Girl
Molly is one of those perfect companion dogs. She is a sweet and gentle soul who loves going on walks and keeping you company. Molly is looking to be the only pet in a loving home where she will be a devoted family member for life. To read Molly’s story, please click on her photo.
BobGolden Retriever/Great Pyrenees Mix, Age 6, Boy
Bob’s personality reflects the best of both his breeds. This gentle giant is as sweet as they come, and gets along with kids, cats and dogs. He is a confirmed fence jumper, but only to stay close to his beloved family members. Bob is looking for a home where he will be an integral part of the family and be able to join in your family’s activities. Please click on Bob’s photo to learn all about this wonderful boy.
BeaumontBelgian Shepherd Mix, Age 10, Boy
Warm-hearted; happy; devoted; and dog-friendly. These are just a few of the ways we describe this boy. Beaumont has great house manners and loves to be in the company of people. He is true to his breed in his need of daily, active exercise, and continual obedience training to keep that smart brain of his on the best track. Please continue to read Beaumont’s story by clicking on his photo.
RemyMiniature Poodle, Age 2, Boy
All of Remy’s 30 pounds is definitely worth its weight in gold. He quickly shares his affectionate nature once he gets to know you. Remy is looking for a cat-free home whose family will continue to nurture his growing confidence through training and safe interaction with potential doggie friends. He has come so far in our monitored play groups, enjoying his time with the other dogs more and more. To read about this especially sweet boy, please click on Remy’s photo!
DuncanGolden Retriever Mix, Age 1, Boy
Even though Duncan feels the loss of his beloved home, his sweet and loyal nature continues to shine. He gets along with other dogs and cats, and children need to be a bit older only because of his youthful energy. Duncan will be so happy to find an active individual or family who will nurture that smart brain of his through continual training and lots of love. Please click on Duncan’s photo to read his story and see his gallery.
Kevin - Special Needs (Temporarily)
Kevin - Special Needs (Temporarily)Labrador Mix, Age 3, Boy
Kevin is a very people-friendly boy who has lived to tell his tail, and we at Homeward Bound are so happy for this sweet boy! He is recovering from heartworm treatment which requires his new forever home keep him calm and enjoy limited activity for the next couple of months. Kevin is looking for a dog savvy home where he will be the only pet. Are you looking for that special dog who will be your loyal companion forevermore? Please click on Kevin’s photo to read his story.
Mason - Special Needs (Temporarily!)
Mason - Special Needs (Temporarily!)Golden Lab Mix, Age 11, Boy
Mason is a true gentleman who is always smiling. He is recovering from Heartworm disease which means he can enjoy his daily short walks, but needs to have limited activity for the next three months. And then he will be able to play ball with you! Mason qualifies for our Golden Touch Program which you can learn all about by clicking on this special boy’s photo. He would love to be home for the holidays with you!
Sully - ADOPTED!
Sully - ADOPTED!Doodle, Age 1, Boy
Sully is both a diamond in the ruff and a pure gem of a dog! He is a happy and loving boy who is still learning, and looking for an individual or family who will enjoy following through with his training. Sully does well with other dogs and enjoys playing with older kids who are wise to his puppy antics. To read more about this adorable boy and see his gallery, please click on Sully’s photo.
Cole - ADOPTED!Golden Retriever Mix, Age 8, Boy
Cole is a mellow boy who is eager to meet people and enjoys the company of children, other dogs and even cats! Though he was abandoned through no fault of his, Cole’s doggie spirit remains friendly and calm. He is looking for an individual or family to call his very own, and who would enjoy keeping him company on his daily walks. To read Cole’s story, please click on his photo.
Spencer - ADOPTION PENDING!Great Pyrenees/Lab, Age 1, Boy
Spencer is a gentle and shy boy who would love to live with another dog. His sweet nature blossoms into one filled with confidence when he has a canine friend by his side. Once he gets to know you, be ready for lots of love and fun! Please click on Spencer’s photo to read his story.