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Meet our dogs! New dogs arrive at Homeward Bound weekly. Before they are made available on the website, they are vetted, seen by our veterinarian, and assessed to determine the best match for them and our adopters.

Meet the Dogs!

SamGolden Mix, Age 12, Boy
I can tick a lot of boxes for being a fantastic dog. But there a couple items that make it more challenging for me to find the right home. Click on my photo to find out more about that and why I am considered a “Special Needs” dog. I’m a candidate to be a “Permanent Foster” dog for local adopters. That means that you are responsible for my food and general well being and giving me lots of love. Click the pic. I’m worth it.
Donatella - ADOPTED!
Donatella - ADOPTED!Lab Mix, Age 10, Girl
Sure, I can give you all kinds of fashion advice. I might even design a gown special for you. Or maybe you’d like a perfume named for you. I could do all of that for you. But I’m not saying it would be any good. I’m a dog, not a designing human. I do have the looks for the runway though… if I can say so myself. Intrigued? Of course you are. Click my pic, slick. Let’s meet.
Harley & Molly
Harley & MollyLab Mixes, Ages 10/9, Boy and Girl
We’re the nicest bonded Labby types you’re ever likely to meet. Well behaved. Easy dogs. AND… a tremendous VALUE. Don’t tell the other dogs but for a limited time you can take both of us home but pay only one adoption fee! Not it’s not bogus at all! Click our photo to learn more about us.
BoomerMastiff, Age 5, Boy
I am named Boomer because of my giant heart which booms with love. My first loving family trained me well and my gentle nature enjoys the company of kids, dogs and cats. I’m only five, with lots more fun years ahead of me. I’m looking for a person or family that knows all about big boys like me. All I want is a forever home to share the love in my big ol’ heart. Please click on my photo to learn all about me!
Carter - ADOPTED!
Carter - ADOPTED!Labrador Retriever, Age 9, Boy
Looking for a pal? Me too. I like to hang out with people. And dogs. I like to play too. Tennis balls, Toys. I’m pretty happy and satisfied with life. Even though my current living situation is not what I expected at my age. As you can see, I’m a pretty handsome guy. I’m not stuck up or anything. I only mention it because good looks attracts a lot of people. I’d hate to miss out on being your pal becasue you dawdled. But understand that we will have to spend some time together to make sure our hearts match up properly. Can’t forget the important things. Right?
HarryMix, Age 8, Boy
I’m one of those gentle souls that makes for an outstanding companion in the home. I’m not as active as I probably was years ago but I still need to get my exercise in every day. I’m not ready to be a couch potato just yet! There some meds I have to take every day but here’s the really neat thing: HB has made me one of those Permanent Foster dogs (for adopters in the Sacramento area). That means HB will provide my meds so all you need to do is provide me with food and a loving home.
MollyLab Mix, Age 8, Girl
I’m one of those great all around dogs to have in your home. I love people, and I know how to behave in the house. Don’t pick me unless you want an affectionate dog that will give you lots of attention. I’m no couch potato. I like to do things and get out of the house for nice walks. I know basic commands… and I have pretty eyes, too. Grooming and petting are always allowed! I do want to be the only dog though, but we can talk about that when you come to meet me! Click on my photo next!
Rocky - SPECIAL NEEDSLab Mix, Age 9, Boy
Hello out there, my name is Rocky. Homeward Bound found me in a shelter where I was the volunteers’ favorite. To toot my own horn, I am a gentle soul who loves people and enjoys the company of children, dogs and cats. I have a respiratory condition that does not permit me to be outdoors when it is hot, but I can go on very short walks when it is cool, which I love. I need a home with no stairs, and I promise to be your loving and loyal companion forever and always. I guess I have a way of wiggling into people’s hearts and staying there; someone called it the best trait ever! I am available as a Permanent Foster if you live within 30 miles of HB. Please click on my photo to learn more about that…and me!
Holly & Lulu
Holly & LuluMix/Golden Mix, Age 7/5, Girls!
We’re another Double-the-Love pair. We’re fun to have around and pretty easy dogs for the most part. We don’t take up a whole lot of room either. Try this: Say our names together 3 times really fast and see what you come up with. You know, A song. Leonard Cohen. Never mind. Just click on our pic to find out more about us. We’ll be waiting for your call.
Buster - SPECIAL NEEDS PLACEMENTGolden Retriever, Age 5, Boy
I am a very special boy in need of one very special mom. I get along with men, but feel more comfortable receiving guidance and training from women when home. I play well with certain dogs here (not all of them!), and love walking and snuggling with the wonderful volunteers. I go to sleep each night dreaming of my peaceful forever home with just you and me. My previous life in China left impressions of doubt; help me change those into confidence and trust. I will give you all the love in my loyal heart, and need you to guide my strong body – and even stronger will. Please click my photo if you could be my one and only, and I mean just that – I will blossom living with just you and as the only pet in your home.
Sherman - SPECIAL NEEDSGoldendoodle, Age 5, Boy
They call me a Special Needs dog. All that means is that I need owners that have special abilities. Nothing like super powers though. I’m doing great in a foster home so my foster Mom can tell you all about where I’ve been and what I need. And she does in my movie! Plus, you get to see me in action. Click my pic get the scoop. And don;t forget to watch my movie.
DaisyLab Mix, Age 4, Girl
Daisy — that’s me. One of those special Labby types that end up at Homeward Bound. So I’m not a Golden but I have a lot to offer! For one thing, I’m a cute girl that loves people. I have good manners, and I’m ready to go. Click my photo for more information. Then you can call up and make an appointment to meet me!
Hudson - ADOPTED!
Hudson - ADOPTED!Lab Mix, Age 1.5, Boy
Misunderstood. That’s what I am. I was trying to help the cat. I was, I really was.

I’m an extremely popular dog with the volunteers at HB. That should tell you a bunch right there. I just need to find a place where I fit in and people understand me. And don’t jump to conclusions. I’ll find my special place soon. If you want a chance to be the one that gets me, click the pic and find out more about me.

AggieMix, Age 1, Girl
Do you like unique? I got unique. There just aren’t any other dogs like me around. I’ve got that special “look” that people comment on right away. “Aw, how cute,” they say. I’m still a bit shy with people but I love dogs. I especially like to look after the less confident dogs in play groups. I hang out with them, give them attention, and help them get used to playing. Hey! Do you have a dog at home? I’d love to live with a friend as long as your dog isn’t the overbearing type. You can stay too. Click my photo for more information.
Curly Sue - ADOPTED!
Curly Sue - ADOPTED!Mix, Age 1, Girl
I’m a girl named Sue. “Curly Sue” to be specific. Because I have this beautiful curly coat, of course. It’s such a beautiful, rich color that some of the Goldens are jealous. I heard the people talking about me and my play group introduction. I’m only 35 lbs. so they wondered if I would do okay with the big boys. It is to laugh! Shoot, I even handled that new guy that supposedly isn’t good with other dogs. I gotta be honest. I won’t be here so long so don’t tarry, Larry. Click my pic.