Our dogs are flying out the door faster than we can put them on the website! We are still adopting, but with some precautions during COVID-19. We have many families waiting for that perfect Golden. Please read about Golden adoption and the importance of patience on our Adoption Process page. But we have other perfectly wonderful dogs looking for great families now! If you have been approved to adopt, call us Thursday after 2PM or Friday to learn about newly Available Dogs. Stay in touch with us so we know you are still actively looking. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to adjust to our new “normal!”

Meet the Dogs!

CasLabrador Retriever Mix, Age 1, Boy
Cas is truly a diamond in the ruff. Fun-loving and smart, this puppy is looking for an active individual or family who will want to guide and train him as Cas continues to grow into your heart’s forever companion. Just click on Cas’s photo!
MugsyLabrador Retriever Mix, Age 8, Boy
Mugsy is all heart, and loves being with people, mature kids and companionable dogs. He is mostly blind, and Homeward Bound is covering the costs of possibly repairing his vision. Mugsy will always see with his heart which you will find out by clicking on his photo.
BellaGreat Pyrenees, Age 2, Girl
Bella will be your most loyal family companion, and is hoping her forever home is an active one with a large-sized yard. Her strength of character and affectionate nature will gladly follow your loving guidance. Please click on Bella’s photo for her story.
DukeLab Mix, Age 10, Boy
Duke has just come to learn that there is life beyond his backyard. He is so excited to learn the ways of a true family dog. Are you ready to show this giant puppy in a big dog’s body the life he has missed? Click on his photo to learn more.
Lucky Labrador Retriever, Age 8, Boy
Affectionate and very active for his age, Lucky’s former people were heartbroken to have to say ‘goodbye’ and hope that someone else will scoop up this sweet family dog with excellent house manners and a golden heart. For more about Lucky, please click on his photo.
MichaelGolden/Lab Mix, Age 12, Boy
After a life living outside, Michael’s greatest wish is to be invited inside someone’s heart and home to live out his golden years. He is available as a permanent foster…you provide the love, we’ll take care of any medical needs. Click on his photo to learn more.
MotiLabrador Retriever, 8 Months, Boy
Moti’s a giant puppy in a big boy body. He’s looking for equally matched people who can guide a youngster to adulthood with dedicated training, patience, and lots of fun! Click on this adorable boy’s photo to learn more.
TankLabrador Retriever, Age 1.5, Boy
Tank is all boy and all puppy! This energetic pup who loves to run, play, and swim hopes to find an active family to begin a new life adventure…one that includes living in the house as a full member of the family. Is that you? Click on his photo to learn more.
LexiLabrador Retriever, Age 9, Girl
Lexi spent her whole life making puppies for others…now its her turn for a fresh chapter. She’ll bring the laughs and love, you bring the patience in teaching her how to be a loved inside dog. Click on her photo to learn more.