Meet our dogs! New dogs arrive at Homeward Bound weekly. Before they are made available on the website, they are vetted, seen by our veterinarian, and assessed to determine the best match for them and our adopters. Get pre-approved and stay in touch. You never know when your companion will arrive!

Meet the Dogs!

DaisyLabrador Retriever, Age 5, Girl
Introducing Daisy! This affectionate and intelligent girl is looking for a pet-free home whose family enjoys exercise and training games as much as she does. Daisy gets along with most dogs, and older kids who understand how to help curb this girl’s interest in smaller critters will be her cherished playmates! Please click on Daisy’s photo to learn more about this lovable pup.
WatsonGolden Retriever Mix, Age 15, Boy
Meet Watson- professional ball chaser (when the mood strikes him) whose age is just a number! Watson’s dream home is one that is cat-free whose family enjoys leisurely walks, throwing the ball, and sitting together in quiet comfort. He gets along with other dogs, and is available as a Permanent Foster – meaning Homeward Bound will provide for all his medical needs for life. Sound like your heart’s new companion? Just click on Watson’s photo to read his story!
HolmesLabrador Retriever, Age 13, Boy
This young-at-heart boy loves to play ball and would prefer his new home to be cat-free. Holmes enjoys the company of other dogs, and older kids who will respect his initially shy ways. Once he knows you, get ready for his big heart to steal yours- your home will now be a most happy one! Holmes is available as a Permanent Foster and Homeward Bound will take care of his medical needs. Please click on his photo to read about this wonderful boy.
ArloGolden Retriever/German Shepherd Mix, Age 10, Boy
“Senior dogs were made for snuggling.” This anonymous quote is Arlo’s motto! This active pup loves other dogs, loves cats even more, and thinks older kids who are comfortable with his size are great companions. Arlo is looking for a home to share all the love in his big heart. He just needs guidance in curbing his innocent exuberance when meeting new people and other companion animals. To learn more about him, please click on Arlo’s photo!
Blondie and Blackie
Blondie and BlackieShi Tzu Mixes, Age 10, Boys
These two munchkins have hearts of gold! They are friendly toward their larger doggie dorm mates and think older children would make gentle companions. Blackie and Blondie will be so happy in a quieter home whose family enjoys walking, playing with any toy imaginable and then settling in for cuddles and then more cuddles! And they have agreed to go home together or to separate homes. To read their story, just click on their photo!
ChampGolden/GSD Mix, Age 1.5, Boy
Champ is shy at first, but builds strong bonds with his humans once he gets to know you. Velcro and loyal, he is looking for a human, couple or family with older children who can help him with his confidence and enjoy spending quality time together. A dog friend could help show him the way, but cats should find their own families! If you have proven dog-raising skills, click on his picture to learn more.
Jared Chocolate Labrador, Age 6, Boy
This energetic and fun-loving boy is new to the world of dog socialization and family living. He is looking for dog-savvy and cat-free people who will continue his education taking things step-by-step and setting him up for success. Jared has worked hard and proven he is ready for home. Jared is looking for special people who understand how to bring out the best in a dog. He’s excited to meet you so click on his picture to learn more.
KodosGolden Retriever, Age 6, Boy, Blind
This sweet and happy boy would love a cat-free home where he can continue his passion for daily walks and quality cuddle-time. Older children who understand the needs of a blind dog will be welcomed companions. And if you have another gentle dog, Kodos will be in doggie heaven! Please click on his photo to learn more about this special boy.
SadieGolden Retriever Mix, Age 1, Girl
This people-loving girl is looking for a pet-free home with a special person or family. Sadie needs dog-savvy humans to reinforce her developing self-confidence through consistent obedience training and socialization with other dogs. If you have great dog training skills and can see and bring out the potential of a large and active puppy, Sadie will welcome you with open paws. Please continue reading about this special girl by clicking on her photo.
ShastaLabrador Retriever, Age 4, Girl
This sweet-natured girl lost her beloved owner and is seeking another pet-free home where she will be just as loved. Shasta’s interest in other critters is strong, and she needs a dog-savvy individual or family whose children are older to safely guide her through life. Shasta requires and enjoys consistent training led by a patient heart. To learn more about this wonderful companion dog, please click on Shasta’s photo.
Echo Golden/GSD Mix, Age 1, Boy
Echo knows nothing of being an indoor dog, but he has shown us that he is anxious and very willing to learn! This is not a dog for a beginner, but the perfect companion for a dog-savvy adventure lover who is willing to give him the time, training, patience and love he never got to experience. If you are the kind of person who believes you really can teach a young, high-energy dog new tricks, click on his picture to learn more!
MirandaGolden Retriever, Age 2, Girl
Miranda grew up with only other dogs as family members, and she is so happy to finally also receive love from humans. This friendly and energetic girl is in need of a cat-free home where her obedience training will be a daily bonding experience. If you have older children who are savvy around a high energy pup, Miranda will be their BFF… and yours also! Please click on her photo to learn more.
Summer - ADOPTED!
Summer - ADOPTED!Golden Retriever and Shar Pei Mix, Age 15, Girl
Summer lost her home of fifteen years through no fault of her own, and she will be so happy to find another calm one that is pet-free. This girl laps up gentle loving and Is very devoted toward her people. She is eligible for Permanent Foster: Homeward Bound will take care of Summer’s medical needs while you take care of her heart! Please read more about Summer by clicking on her photo.
Jake - ADOPTED!Labrador Retriever, Age 12, Boy
Jake is a gentle boy who gets along with everyone- dogs and cats included. He relishes his daily walks, and enjoys a bit of exercise before bedtime. Jake is available as a Permanent Foster which means Homeward Bound will provide for all of his medical needs. He is looking for a home with few or no stairs. Please click on his photo to read more about this absolute love bug.
Raffi - COURTESY POSTMix, Age 5, Boy
Raffi is a dog, cat and people lover who’s good with kids and just wants to be part of the pack. He does not someone who will be around a lot because he gets sad when left alone. If you can see your way to provide that, he’ll provide the gratitude and unconditional love. To learn more, please click on his picture.