Surrendering a pet is difficult and often heartbreaking decision for you and your dog.

We consider our Goldens to be members of the family. Sometimes, life circumstances change in ways that force relinquishing your pet, but many times we see companion animals given up because of an unwanted behavior. Before you give up on your pet, please consult a reputable trainer or animal behaviorist for assistance. The situation may be reversible with training or simple adjustments in your household.

If you must surrender your dog, we ask that you read our process and complete both our Intake Checklist and Dog Profile Form in advance of your appointment for the smoothest possible transition. We know that this can be an emotional and difficult time for you and your dog. 

The Intake Checklist is an online form which alerts us to your need and provides basic information. Separately, the Dog Profile Form is a downloadable pdf form which provides detailed information that will help us in finding the best match for your dog. The Dog Profile Form can be downloaded, completed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program, and emailed to the contact on the form. If you prefer, you can print it, fill it in by hand, and bring it with you and your dog. The more we understand about your dog, the better able we will be to ensure its care.

Finally, when relinquishing your dog, we will ask that you sign a Surrender Contract.

Thank you for entrusting your dog’s care to us.