Millie has gladly traded a life on the run for that of a beloved dog. She has blossomed in the loving care of her foster. Now this girl is ready to open her heart and offer her belly to someone who will continue the journey of trust with her.

  • Shy girl who responds to patience and kindness
  • Has made amazing progress; needs a patient and loving person to continue her journey
  • Needs a calm dog friend who loves to walk and snuggle; Cats Unknown; Older kids OK if they understand the need to go slow
  • Has learned many skills; good in the house
  • Sweet, affectionate, and a total princess in the making!

Hello everyone…Millie here. I’m not exactly sure where I have been…but I’m so glad I am here now. It appears that I was once used for making puppies. It seems clear that life was not for me, and I made a break for it, finding comfort in the company of other runaway dogs and even coyotes (who probably showed me more kindness than the place I came from.) Life on the run was hard, but so was trusting people based on my past experience. I was captured, sent to the shelter, and adopted but my people never figured out how to break through to me, so they asked Homeward Bound to help. I have been living with a wonderful foster; she is patient and loving and has a great dog who has become my teacher and friend. Life as a beloved dog is so different. I love to sunbathe, go for long walks, and curl up on the couch using my dog friend as my pillow! I am seven years old and a bit sugar-faced, but that’s well-earned character. It has nothing to do with my energy! There are things I still need to work on, and other things that still spook me. But I am ready to finish that journey in my forever home. I’m looking for a person like my foster who is loving and patient, and a calm home with another dog who likes to share. I’m not sure about cats, but I think I might like older kids who can understand what I have been through and will vow to keep me safe. I’m ready to trust and will gladly open my heart and offer my tummy if we are a love match!