Buck is made more adorable by his permanently happy eye! It doesn’t affect his vision, or his capacity for love. This affectionate boy loves cool temperatures, stuffy toys, other gentle dogs and most of all…people!

  • Joyful boy, affectionate and kind
  • Walks well on leash; no formal training but easy to manage
  • Good with most nice dogs; Cats unknown; Kids 10+ OK
  • Moderate exercise, especially in hot weather
  • LOVES his stuffy toys…hopes you have lots of them!

Buck here! No, that’s not an eyelift gone wrong! I don’t actually remember what created that big scar above my eye, but I think it gives me character, don’t you? (No jokes about the Joker, please!) It’s a happy look and I’m a happy dog. I somehow found myself surrendered to a Central Valley shelter, but they sent me off to foster before Homeward Bound scooped me up. Lucky me. Now I can tell you that I have lived in a home! I am five years old with the sweetest disposition. I enjoy play with other nice dogs (especially girls), I walk well on leash, love my stuffy toys, and while I haven’t had a lot of formal schooling, I am very agreeable! I do have this thing called laryngeal paralysis – it means that excessive exercise and heat are not my friend…they make it hard for me to breathe. So, I will need a family that monitors my play, exercise…and diet…’cause I can’t run calories off like other dogs. Cooler temperatures are perfect for me. I don’t know anything about cats, sorry…but I do think that older kids who are happy petting me instead of insisting I chase them would be wonderful. Mostly, I am just looking for someone to love who will love me back and never leave me in a shelter again. Are you ready for a love bug in your life? That’s me!!