Bear’s heart is as big as his body. He’ll happily give you both, but the body will be more welcome when you help him complete his education! He is great with other dogs and big, sturdy kids and he is filled with the best qualities of Lab and Golden!

  • A BIG boy with a BIG heart
  • Lots of energy; needs training to channel his enthusiasm
  • Good house manners; lived with four children
  • Likes most other dogs; Cats Unknown; OK for big sturdy kids 13+
  • Needs a family and yard built for a big boy who just wants to shower you with love!

No. I’m not a horse. But I’m built like one! My name is Bear and I’m a big lug of a Golden/Lab guy! I’m only one-year-old and really just a puppy (who has clearly been eating his Wheaties!). I started as a little one, but as I got bigger, it was a little hard to hide me in that small apartment and the landlord said I had to go. That made me really sad because my family loved me including the four kids (well…maybe not the little toddler…I kept knocking her over!). I have all the great qualities of a Golden and Lab – great energy, adventuresome spirit, and I love to cuddle when the day is done. I’m good with other dogs, and would enjoy some more sturdy kids to love. I’m looking for a family that’s built for a big boy like me, with a yard, and (they made me say this) a commitment to completing my education. They say it is how all this exuberance gets turned into a canine good citizen. Bring the treats…and I’m down for that! I have a giant heart to go with my giant body. Come and get me!