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It’s Time To Help Us “Double The Gold!”


Each year, in early spring, a small group of donors step up to build a fund for the medical care of the dogs. Then we turn to you – because every dollar raised through the “Double the Gold Challenge” is matched by their “Fund of Love” – doubling the impact of each gift.

Our intake in 2016 was 25% higher than 2015 – and our vet expenses grew with our intakes, exceeding $250,000 – even with the countless donated services and hours of our devoted primary veterinarian, Dr. Justina Codde. 

Homeward Bound accepts dogs regardless of their age or health, which makes us unique. We also accept dogs that are gold-of-heart if not of Golden pedigree as capacity allows. Here are just a few surrendered to, or rescued by, Homeward Bound – helped on their journeys home thanks to the generosity of people like you.

The Heartthrob Pups

Cici, Timmy and Wyatt came to us from a breeder. All three had varying degrees of subaortic stenosis – a narrowing  of the area underneath the aortic valve that causes some degree of obstruction or blockage of the blood flow through the heart. The narrowing can be mild, moderate, or severe.

Homeward Bound was able to have their conditions assessed, determining that one puppy was more affected than the others, but that each may live a full and normal life. All three have been adopted with a complete understanding of their conditions and signs to watch for thanks to the medical reviews they received.


Golden Puppies
Timmy Wyatt Puppies
Golden Pup

Gunner and Lindsey

Don’t tell them they are not well; they don’t know it. Both Gunner and Lindsey have serious health concerns. Four-month old Gunner has a liver shunt; a congenital condition in which the blood flow bypasses the liver instead of flowing through it. Because Gunner is missing some critical blood vessels, he is not a candidate for surgery to repair the defect. He requires close supervision and a special diet with frequent feedings to sustain him.

Lindsey is the tiniest of little girls. Born with a severe case of diabetes, she requires two insulin injections each day. While she eats with gusto, she is not gaining much weight. Our hope is to get her insulin levels stabilized enough to help her thrive although she will always be a tiny tot.

Both pups will be permanent residents of Homeward Bound where their care is assured. And while their futures are unsure – the love that surrounds them is guaranteed.


Golden Pup
Golden Pup

Homeward Bound can accept dogs like these adorable pups into our program because of the generosity of people like you. Most with extraordinary needs find homes with equally extraordinary families; some find sanctuary at Homeward Bound. In all of these cases, the dogs’ continuing medical care is provided by Homeward Bound.

Because you donate and “Double The Gold,” we are able to double our rescues. Many bonded pairs come into our care and we do our very best to keep them together unless separating them is in their best interest. Shelters and other rescues have difficulty placing bonded pairs due to lack of capacity. It generally takes more time to find a home for two, which means more space, time, and resources. Your donations help us to assist the pairs of “double gold” – whether or not they are Golden – either through adoption or permanent foster with Homeward Bound continuing to provide their medical care for life. Here are just a few of the “odd couples” helped by your contributions:

Chini & Alfie

As in Fettucini and Alfredo! A lovable pair of 12-year-old sweethearts with excellent house manners who lost their home when their people moved half way around the world. Their wish for the dogs: “that they be some place where they are loved.”

Layla & Beckett

Two very bonded and very big bundles of love, one with seizures. Their new humans took one look at them and fell in love! Both are now home and learning all about proper diet and exercise while making friends with the entire neighborhood.

Cody & Rusty

What are the odds of someone coming in looking for a Golden and a lap dog? The planets aligned and a special couple took Cody…and Toto, too! This bonded pair is happily home together where they are very much loved.

The dogs shared here are just a few of the many dogs that received medical care in the past year at Homeward Bound.

Last year alone, our medical expenses exceeded $250,000. We are committed to providing each and every dog with the care it requires to complete its journey home.

Making a donation to Homeward Bound during our “Double the Gold Challenge” will help provide hundreds of dogs rescued this year with the best care we can give them on their journey to a wonderful forever home and a life filled with good health and love.

Please give generously to support Homeward Bound in its mission. Every dollar donated during the months of April and May will be matched by our “Fund of Love” and will be 100% dedicated to veterinary expenses for wonderful dogs who desperately need all of us.

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To donate by check, please send your check to:
HBGRR Double The Gold Challenge
7495 Natomas Rd.
Elverta, CA 95626.

Thank you for your support!