Tanner took early retirement from hunting and is looking to be a loved family dog. Meet his energy and enthusiasm with plenty of exercise and a commitment to training and he’ll become your adventure companion for life!

  • People loving boy with a loyal Lab heart!
  • Lived with kids; would love some of his own
  • Has learned good house manners; prefers people that are around most of the time
  • Dog selective; generally prefers girl dogs to boys but would be just as happy to be your one and only; No cats please
  • Needs lots of exercise and continued training to challenge his brain as well as his body

Once upon a time, I was a hunting dog. I took a very early retirement and went to live with a family but instead of being welcomed inside, I spent way too much time in a crate in a small backyard. I am only six years old, but I have the energy of a youngster. I say: the heart of a Labrador and the head of a puppy! I was raised with kids, and – unfortunately for them – chickens too. It turns out that while chicken has long been part of my diet – I am not supposed to help myself to them! I have been spending time with my foster friends where I have finally been allowed inside and have learned house manners. I am a busy boy who craves human attention, loves to swim and play, and needs regular exercise of my body and my brain. So, we spend a lot of time working on both. I’m kind of choosy about the dogs I like and generally prefer girls to boys. But I would be just as happy to be your one and only love. Cats shouldn’t apply for me, but sturdy kids would be great. After being left alone outside all the time, I would prefer a home where people are around most of the time. I’m done with the lonely life. If you’re willing to commit to my continued training, I promise to be the awesome adventure companion you have been searching for!




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