A pint-sized love with a big heart. Storm is charting a new course in life and working hard at mastering all the skills needed. She will thrive in a patient and loving home – bring along a dog or two for extra courage and guidance!

  • Pint-sized girl with a big heart
  • Adorable wiggle butt who will keep you and your dog(s) entertained!
  • At foster learning all about house manners
  • Great with other dogs; Cats Unknown; Kids 13+ OK
  • Continue her training journey to build confidence and skills…excellent student…will work for treats!

Hi everyone! My name is Storm! I am one-year old and very lucky girl. I was part of a large rescue and saved from a life of making puppies when I was just really a puppy myself. Don’t let my serious photo fool you…I’m all about fun! I have had to learn a bunch of stuff to begin this new life and I am working very hard at being a good student. Here’s what I have learned: I love living with other dogs who play nicely like me. My wiggle butt is adorable and will keep you entertained! I need a calm and predictable household. Teenage kids would be OK…but those little ones are too chaotic for me! I love going for long walks. I feel safe and comfy in my crate where I sleep quietly through the night…and retreat to when I get uncomfortable at first with strangers in the house. I have learned that you are supposed to go potty outside and am working at mastering it! I LOVE treats and will happily do all those things called ‘commands’ if you have a pocket full of them! Mostly, I have learned that living in a home as part of a family is the life I want for me.