After years of fathering puppies and neglect, Russell has earned a lifetime of spoiling. Good with other dogs and kids, he is looking to experience what it means to be loved as a full member of the family.

  • Great temperament – chill and very dignified!
  • Missed out on formal training but smart as a Doodle and willing to learn
  • Good with most dogs; cats unknown; OK for kids 7+
  • Like all Doodles, needs regular grooming
  • Soaks up affection; anxious to learn what a loving home means

Allow me to introduce myself…I’m Russell, a dignified eight-year-old Doodle boy who was undignified-ably dumped when my breeding days were over. I enjoy good grooming and a handsome shave…none of which my “people” apparently believed in because just check out my “before” photo! The nice people at Homeward Bound gave me a “ruff” cut to relieve me of all the dreadlocks. Groomers they are not…but they make up for it with their big hearts. I am accustomed to being with other dogs and enjoy their company. I can’t tell you about cats…none of them have volunteered to meet me! But I think kids 7+ would be wonderful. I don’t have a lot of formal education; all that was expected of me was producing beautiful puppies. But I’m pretty chill and willing to learn if you’re willing to put in the effort too. The other dogs tell me about life in a real home. I’m anxious to learn what that’s all about and am looking forward to one of those even better “after” pictures sitting by a warm fire with my forever family!