Rogan is a young, affectionate, and much-loved boy whose person knew he needed more. He will thrive in the care of a dog-experienced person with the time and commitment to build his confidence, a bond of trust, and bring out the adventure-seeking dog inside.

  • A good boy who needs someone who can devote as much love and time to him as he will to you
  • Needs consistency and socialization
  • Good house skills; strong and pulls on leash – needs someone with physical strength to guide him
  • Can be reactive to other dogs; lacks experience
  • Amazing boy that comes with a training foundation – just needs an experienced dog person to rebuild his confidence

My name is Rogan. In my three years of age, I have been bounced around a bit through no fault of my own. My mom got me as a puppy, but she was in the military. I went to stay with another family when she was away, and I wish I could tell you about my time with them, but I have either forgotten, or can’t find the right words. My mom came back, but she wants me to find a real forever home with people that can stay with me always. Let’s be clear: It won’t be a walk in the park. I’m a good, strong boy who hasn’t had all experiences a dog should have or a consistent human to guide me – which means some things scare me and I have some catching up to do. I’m going to need an experienced dog person who is willing to devote time and attention to me. Our new life together should include lots of exercise, training, and one-on-one time so I can rebuild the skills I need for a life of adventures together. In return, you’ll find that I am very affectionate, loyal, and a kind-hearted boy who just needs a gentle introduction to new things and places. Mom says Puppuccino’s would help, too, BTW. I’m willing to work hard to make her proud. She loved me a lot – enough to know I needed someone who was totally committed to me.




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