This forgiving girl – full of sweetness and love – is deserving of a much better life than the one she was dealt. She has happily put it behind her and has a simple ask: love and kindness. She will happily return both.  

  • Very affectionate and sweet young girl
  • Part Shepherd and Heeler
  • Needs lots of activity and LOTS of belly rubs!
  • Good with most dogs; NO CATS please; Older kids 13+ who will help with training are welcome!
  • Leans in for love and happy to return it!

I’m a one-year-old girl who made my own way to Homeward Bound. Well, sort of. Someone left me with a bag of junk food and the puppies I was miscarrying down the road from Homeward Bound. Lucky for me, one of the volunteers spotted me. Because I know a good thing when I see it, I jumped right into his truck. The nice people here got me the medical care I needed. I’m all better now and ready to start a fresh, much better chapter. I’m a sweet, happy girl who quickly made friends with all the people and the dogs here…just not the cat. We’ll pass on cats for me. I’m a bit jumpy and don’t have a whole bunch of skills, but I walk pretty well on leash and am told I have a whole lot of potential! I learn quickly and truly want to please. And I will happily lean in close and show you my belly for rubs and pets. I don’t hold a grudge and am pretty sure now that not everyone would leave me like I was left. I’m ready to move on to a happier life filled with love, play, and lots and lots of belly rubs!





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