Do you hold the keys to a shy dog’s heart? Molly is ready to experience the joys of a loved family dog for the first time in her life. All she seeks is quiet home and patient, understanding human.


  • Shy girl, a little unsure about her new life
  • Sugar-faced, but surprisingly fast when freedom calls!
  • Needs secure surroundings and mindful people about gates and doors
  • Likes calm, easy dog companions; Cats OK; Kids 8+
  • Available as Permanent Foster if you live within 50 miles; you provide the love, we provide her medical care for life

You’ll find this hard to believe, but there’s such a thing as loving dogs TOO much! Sometimes, when that happens, people lose track and end up with way more dogs than they can take care of. I came from a place like that. And while I enjoyed my freedom to run and live life on my own terms, the care I got was not the best for me or my friends. It’s going to take some time for me to become adjusted to living another way…like a loved family dog. I’m unsure and shy about my new surroundings. I may be sugar-faced (I’m 12 years old) but I can run like the wind when I find a way to set myself free! I’m a petite girl and have proven myself to be an excellent escape artist, so I’m looking for a home where no one forgets to close doors and gates. I am crate-trained, house trained, and do walk nicely on leash. I can do a couple of steps, but staircases would be too much for me. And while I lived with a pack of dogs my whole life, I prefer peace and quiet from any companion: human or canine. Cats? I tried one at foster and it went well. Oh, and one more thing, because of my age, I’m available as a Permanent Foster dog. That means that if you live within 50 miles, I go home as yours, but Homeward Bound takes care of all my medical needs for life. Do you have the keys to a shy dog’s heart? I’m waiting.