With patience and TLC, Megan has stepped slowly into trust while at foster. Her journey is best completed in a place of permanence. This deserving girl is ready for a home of her own. Must live near Sacramento to get to know her first.

  • Shy girl who steps slowly into trust
  • Thrives in an environment of predictability and calm; has excelled in foster care
  • Good house manners (except for puppy-like thievery behavior!)
  • Needs a dog companion; cats unknown; best for adults at this point
  • With patience and TLC, she has blossomed; There’s nothing more fulfilling than being part of her transformation

Hello everyone. I’m Megan. You may have read about me…I’m a young girl – under two years of age – that was made to have puppies before I got a chance to be one myself. If I had any human interaction, it hadn’t been pleasant. To make matters worse, the next time I got pregnant, I was abandoned in a field. Terrified is an understatement. I eventually crawled up on someone’s porch…exhausted, cold, and famished. That’s how I made my way to Homeward Bound. After I weaned my babies, I went to live with my wonderful foster family and their dog, MJ. There, the slow process of building trust and learning how to be a loved family dog began. With my foster family,  where I feel safe, I am playful, mischievous, and a great companion to MJ. My foster family has delighted in each step forward, but they know that the journey is best completed in a place of permanence. I think they call it “home.” What I need now: A quiet home with a dog companion; a small, secure yard; patient, loving, people who accept me for who I am but believe that I am capable of more as long as you let me set the pace. My forever person/people recognize that there will be setbacks along with triumphs that will melt your heart. I have that superpower! I hope you will live close enough to Sacramento for visits with my foster family to get to know me before taking me home. If you can see into the heart of a shy dog like me, please let the people of Homeward Bound know. It’s finally my time for a home of my own.  Thank you.