Loyal and loving, Madison is starting over without the brother she loved. Divorce moved in and he moved out. Now this wonderful companion with great house skills is looking for a new family to love.

  • Loyal and loving…a true Lab
  • Great family companion and good with kids
  • Heartbroken over the loss of her brother; prefers to be the center of your world
  • Good house manners and basic skills
  • Will do best with people who are home often and can manage her physical strength

I’m Madison. I’m an energetic and loving nine-year-old girl whose life got turned upside down. My humans split up and dad took my brother. We had always lived outside together, and I was very sad and lonely when he left. My mom thought I deserved a better life, so I came to Homeward Bound to find it. While I lived outside, I have good house skills and went to foster to prove it. My foster mom says I am a lovely companion…loyal and sweet. I know some basic commands and am pretty good on leash until I see a squirrel or another dog and then I want to go! So, I need sturdy people and some training on that front because I do love my walks. I’m great with people, including kids and I don’t pick fights with dogs, but I prefer not to live with one. I just don’t think I’ll ever find one like the brother I lost. Cats are a definite ‘no’ for me. I’m hoping to find someone who is around a lot so I am lonely no more.