Who says only cats have multiple lives? Kroger is living his second life with gratitude and joy. Recovered from a close encounter with a car, this friendly boy is on the hunt for a family to share his next chapter with. Kind canine friends and older kids are welcome to share along! Foster home tested and approved!!

  • Delightful boy ready to start a new chapter
  • Lab loyal heart and personality through and through
  • Foster-home tested; crate-trained; house-trained; a joy to have around!
  • Good with gentle dogs and older kids; No cats
  • Friendly with a happy, wagging stub tail!

I am a handsome six-year-old boy filled with puppy-like joy. Maybe it’s because I’m living my second life! I was hit by a car and found on the side of the road. If Homeward Bound had not stepped in, I might not be talking to you today. But they did, and I am recovered…I’m just missing most of my tail. Seems the car took exception to it, and it had to go. It’s a small price to pay for a second chance at life. Now, I live every day with gratitude and sweetness. I’m friendly and happy to meet new friends as my stubby tail will attest. I like gentle, kind dogs who aren’t too pushy or ruff. The jury is out on kitties…I appear to be a little too interested for their liking! But I think I would like to have some older kids who will help to keep me active without pushing me around like those little ones can. Mostly, I’m just ready to put this chapter behind me and begin a fresh, new one with you! I am fully foster-home tested and come with glowing reviews. “Great in the home. Potty and crate-trained. Playful, sometimes exuberant and sometimes chill…like everyone…and sometimes mischievous…like all Labs! And expert at using ‘the look’ and kisses if  there is a puppuccino on the other end!” I have been waiting SO patiently. Let’s make this my going home day!!




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