Izzy is a pint-sized love who forms strong bonds with her person…especially women. All she craves is a quiet, predictable home as your one and only. In return, she promises ever-lasting companionship.

  • Pint-sized girl with a giant heart
  • Thrives in an environment of predictability and calm; excelled in foster care
  • Good house manners
  • Best as only pet; No Kids please
  • With patience and TLC, she opens up and shows her true, snuggly side; Show her your heart and she’ll give you hers

I am a little girl about 2 1/2 years old and I have been having a tough time finding the best home for me. I really like my female human friends here, but it takes me time to trust people; it could have something to do with being dumped on the streets.

I have been adopted a couple of times but am still looking for the right family. I crave a calm, predictable life and hope to find someone who understands that it will take time and patience for me to feel comfortable. If you had been living on the streets, you would understand – I get scared and overwhelmed if things move too quickly. My human friends here see a whole different side of me…especially the girl humans. I am happily meeting people and am very relaxed because I know what to expect. I have even started playing. That’s all I want: to be your one and only in a quiet home that I can call my own where I can show off my great house skills, snuggle with my special person, and become your very best forever friend.