Halley’s a three-year-old girl who knows exactly what she wants in life: A dog-smart human guy who loves the diva in her and respects her princess ways!


  • A Princess Girl!
  • Fairly calm energy – reserves all her enthusiasm for her human(s)
  • Bonds tightly to men and prefers them to women
  • Has lots of skills but needs a person who understands and respects her tendency to resource guard
  • Needs to be the only pet in the home

My name is Halley. I’m three years old and quite stunning if I do say so myself. I’ve done well with my schooling, know all kinds of commands, am crate-trained, and walk pretty well on a leash. I’m pretty chill for a young girl and am happy to spend quiet time with you. You should know, however, that I’m a bit of a princess…and I prefer to be the only princess in the house! I bond tightly to men, but not so much to women. And I have no desire to live with another dog or cat. Diva that I am, I think I am more than enough for any guy. The right guy will understand my diva ways – particularly my belief that what’s mine is mine! You’ll read my body language and respect it. In exchange, I will happily give you my heart and my tummy to rub – just not my food. Deal? Come and get me!




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