Ducky is a silly boy, half Golden, half Pyrenees with the traits of both breeds. He seeks a person or persons without kids or pets who understands both aspects of his make up, is a homebody like him, and knows that training is the lifelong commitment that builds and strengthens the bond between human and canine companions.

  • Silly, payful boy with a Golden heart and a Pyrenees brain!
  • Loves his people and enjoys their company and his home
  • Could care less about things other dogs love – like walks, outings, and definitely not dog parks
  • Good house manners and with approved friends; the Pyrenees side is protective of his flock – that’s you!
  • A perfect boy for homebodies who seek companionship

I am a four-and-a-half year old Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix with a big heart for humans. My back story is a familiar one…picked up for vagrancy (they call it ‘stray’) and no one came to spring me. But the people at the shelter helped me get to Homeward Bound for which I consider myself very lucky. I even went home with someone, and while it didn’t work out for us, we all learned that I am very good in the home, no accidents or chewing, and very affectionate with my human companions and their friends…content with their company and being showered with pets! That’s my Golden side. What they forgot about was my Pyrenees side. That’s the part that is protective of my family and a tad bit stubborn…and you just have to know that it’s part of my DNA if you want to take my handsome self home. It means that my ideal family is a person or persons without kids or other pets, who loves me for who I am while believing that continual training brings out every dog’s best. The people here have shown that to me and I have been an excellent pupil! 




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