This young boy is making up for lost time! Despite a bum start in life, his loving and forgiving heart will thrive in your good care with someone who understands how to exercise body and brain. Bring along another dog to match his playful energy, and maybe some older kids too!

  • Friendly, sometimes shy at first, young boy
  • Making up for lost puppy time; needs someone experienced in guiding a young dog
  • Great energy that needs to be exercised…body AND mind; make training an activity you both love!
  • Good with most dogs; OK for older, sturdy kids 13+; No Cats
  • This happy boy got a ruff start in life; he’s ready for the life he deserved all along!

At about one year of age, I got dropped off in a shelter parking lot in the disgustingly dirty crate that had been my home since I was little. I was skinny and had an infected wound on my tail. Truth be told…being left that way was the luckiest thing that happened to me up to that point in my young life. The second luckiest thing was coming to Homeward Bound. I was really scared and shy when I got here. But the nice people here gave me the love and care I needed to start to build my confidence. Now, I’m making up for lost puppy time! I got overlooked a lot on adoption days at first. I just wasn’t sure of myself. Now, my true personality is starting to shine through. I have been working on all those things they call skills and am making great progress. And it turns out that I have house skills too! I went to a foster home to test them and learned the key to Curtis energy: Time Outs! Balance my play with rest breaks, giving me a chance to expend by energy and regain my composure. It’s a Curtis miracle! The next step is finding the right person or family who will follow through with my training and channel all my young dog enthusiasm. I am OK with most dogs but will be best matched to one that enjoys some serious play and rest me! I think kids would be fun, but they should be older and sturdy considering my own exuberance. Oh…and love. I need lots and lots of love. Trust me: I’ll return it!




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