Curtis is a joyful young boy who is excited to begin living the life he was meant to have. Full of puppy energy, he will thrive with a family that understands how to raise a young one up right with patience and love.

  • Young boy with puppy energy and ways
  • Did not start life the right way, but holds no grudge
  • Enjoys play with dogs but needs a patient teacher dog
  • Older kids would be good; Cats may be OK with the right introduction
  • Will benefit from puppy classes and socialization with kids his age

I’m a one-year-old boy with a surprising tale to tell. I was dumped at the shelter in my filthy crate by the same people that had last year’s very special Jelly Bean girl. Lucky for me, they gave up on me sooner than Jelly Bean who was a total wreck when she arrived here. I am too skinny for my age, and probably spent much of my short life in that disgusting crate. But now I am saved and ready to put all that behind me. The nice people here are working on getting my coat back nice and shiny and my muscles big and strong the way I’m supposed to be. I’m super sweet and very much a puppy who needs to learn all the things that growing adolescents should know. I enjoy playing with other dogs but need ones that are patient with my annoying baby ways and will help me learn what a dog should do. I have a bit of a puppy mouth too, so little kids are not recommended, but older ones are welcome to help me get my zoomies out on a regular basis. I’m so grateful to be here, but ready to begin my life as your loved family dog!




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