This affectionate and kind boy with a Lab-loyal heart is looking for a person or family as devoted to him as he will be to you. He has some basics. Put in a little time, effort, and TLC to uncover the gem inside!

  • Gentle and affectionate boy; mid-level energy
  • Happy to greet and be with people
  • Needs training refresher but very willing to learn; walks well on leash
  • OK with most dogs; Cats unknown; Older kids 13+
  • Kind and loyal – just wants a person or family to call his own

I’m a six-year-old Lab boy who went out for a walk and got lost. Sadly, no one came to claim me so the nice people at the shelter gave me a one-way ticket to Homeward Bound. They have been working on getting me fattened up a bit; I was awfully skinny when I arrived. Not having food makes you kind of protective of what you get, and I do tend to protect my food bowl. For that reason, little kids are not recommended for me. I share my toys well, though, and I bunked up with a couple other dogs at the shelter and we got along fine. I might enjoy a dog friend…just not the bossy kind. I walk well on leash and love to play ball, but I could use a refresher course on those other things they call “commands.” Like I said – I’m very food motivated. So, if you bring the treats, I’ll do the work! I’m a happy and affectionate guy who has already worked through all those crazy puppy wild ways. I am just looking for a family that understands us Lab kind of dogs…show us some kindness and we will give you unconditional love and loyalty! Not a bad deal, right?





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