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Homeward Bound’s Wish List

Following is a list of items and service that are always in need. If you’re interested in donating any of the items or services on our wish list, please contact: Jody Jones at 916-655-1410 or jjsgoldens@homewardboundgoldens.org

A simple way to help is by accessing our Amazon Wish List. Your order will be shipped directly to Homeward Bound in support of the dogs.


Current needs are listed here as well:

For Our Goldens:

Nature’s Select Dog Food (donate with your online purchase)
Pill Pockets (large and small)
Dog Cookies
Canned pureed pumpkin
Rubber-backed Rugs
Lambskin kennel pads/blankets
6 ft. Nylon web leashes

Office supplies:

Postage Stamps
8 1/2 x 11 Copy Paper

Professional Printing Services

General Maintenance & Laundry:

Paper Towels
Garbage Bags (heavy duty & extra heavy duty)
Hand soap with pump
Liquid Dawn dish soap

Facilities Supplies:

Lowes or Home Depot Gift Cards

For Landscaping & Our Memorial Garden:

Donations of Dirt and Gravel, Shredded Cedar Bark/Mulch
Hand Clippers and Garden Shears

Thank you!