I am Watson, a 15-year-old boy who arrived here several months ago with by brother Holmes. I had always been his protector, but lately, he’s just been a pain in my backside! So we have decided to go our separate ways.

While he still wants to play, I’m just looking for a retirement home where people appreciate the quiet things in life: a soft bed, movie nights, gentle walks and plenty of petting…but no cats please! I will chase the ball, but I don’t promise to return it! I’m OK with other dogs as long as they are chill, like me. I do have some sensitivity about my teeth, ears and feet – so kids should be older to be careful of that. But I do enjoy being brushed – you should see the pillows I can make! I’m used to living in a house and looking forward to having one again. I’ll stay by your side if you promise to stay by mine. I am also available as a permanent foster. Read my bullets to know what that means.

  • Gentle boy looking for a retirement home
  • Has a few body sensitivities that can make him testy; kids should be older
  • OK with other mellow dogs; no cats, please
  • Enjoys leisurely walks and keeping his people company
  • Available for Permanent Foster: Homeward Bound will provide medical care for life if you live within 30 miles

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