I am a one-year-old boy and the best of two breeds…Golden and Lab! I don’t know which one of those gives me so much energy and the desire to leap tall buildings. I am in need of a dog-savvy owner who will help me be the best of both of my breeds. I love to play with other dogs but need an older dog to show me the ways of playing without getting rough and rowdy (puppy energy!). I am used to living in the house and even know a few commands. I don’t know why I think it’s so much fun to leap up in the air because it sort of scares the people when I do it right in front of them! I can also be mouthy, but the trick around here is to stuff a toy in my mouth while I go to school on this. In spite of my energy level, when I settle down, I am a very lovable boy who enjoys being with his family. I am so lovable that I can even get along with a cat! As a giant puppy myself, I am not suitable for young children. I am thinking more of an active couple to take me hiking and jogging. Let’s get my zoomies out so we can cuddle!


  • The heart of a Golden; the loyalty of a Lab!
  • Good with most dogs; would benefit by matching with a mature dog; good with cats; OK for big, sturdy kids
  • Has good house manners, but needs continued training as all young dogs do
  • Lots of energy; needs daily exercise to work out the zoomies!
  • Affectionate and lovable

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