I don’t know what the big rush is all about! I believe in taking thing slow and enjoying the journey. Right now my journey has taken a sad turn…I had to say goodbye to my long time girl friend and my heart is heavy. I loved living with her and will miss her but life goes on.  My arthritis is the main reason I have slowed down so much but I still enjoy going for a walk. And just show me a pretty girl dog! I go into a total body wag and make a total fool of myself! Because of the arthritis thing, I would do better in a home without a lot of stairs. I am very easy going and get along with other dogs, cats, and kids! I like being with people and do look forward to where this journey will take me next!

UPDATE: I know I told you that I was fine with other dogs, and would even like to have another in my life. Well things have changed…I have decided that I don’t want a replacement for my special dog friend…I want to be an only dog. I can’t tell you what happened; I just find myself not wanting other dogs around…even pretty girl dogs!


 Level-One-Icon_AF test

  • Oh-so-handsome
  • Likes to go for walks
  • Home without stairs is best
  • Kids, dogs, and cats okay

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