I am what is referred to as a “benevolent” rescue. Homeward Bound has me listed as a “Lab Mix” and that could be true, but the Dog Doc says she thinks there is a St. Bernard hanging in my family tree. The benevolent part is because I am legally blind. I am eight years old and scheduled to see – or in my case, be seen by – an eye doctor. Hopefully, there is something that can be done for me. Meanwhile if for some reason you would like to have me, we can do a foster-to-adopt thing to make sure I am the right boy for you. I am very affectionate and am happiest leaning against my person so that I am sure you are still with me. I am good on a leash and enjoy going for walks. I like other dogs but because of my vision, I am little unsure how to play with them.


  • Loving boy who sees better with his heart than his eyes
  • Legally blind…scheduled to see an eye specialist to see if sight can be restored
  • Available as foster-to-adopt while we wait on the news and to see if he is the right fit
  • Very affectionate and sweet…Velcro boy who leans in
  • Likes other dogs but they need to give him space; Older kids to guide him; Cats Unknown

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