First thing I need to say is that I am not your average laid back Lab. I absolutely love people, but I am not a babysitter, I am not going to cuddle up with your cat or calmly watch squirrels roam around the yard. I am a two-year-old boy with a ton of energy and need a dog-experienced human or two to give me lots of exercise and be very consistent in my training. Everyone I work with says that I am very trainable but need direction. I am a big strong boy, so I am not suitable for the grandparent types who think I am so cute. I need a secure yard, because if that squirrel goes over the fence, I am going right after him…I have found myself, embarrassingly, hanging on a fence a time or two! I love to run and play; I have even been working on some agility stuff. I love to go swimming and have the makings of a world class diving champion! I like car rides with the wind blowing across my face. I am really into snuggling and pets with about anyone willing to provide those. As I said in the beginning…no cats or even small dogs. The people think an older well-adjusted dog might be a good role model for me and help with my confidence. Also, because I am still a child myself, no small children. I know I must sound like an impossible challenge, but I do bring a lot of laughs and an abundance of love.

FOSTER UPDATE: I went to stay with this very nice couple and guess what…I aced my home skills and foster report! Yeah…I’m still young and a work in progress, but I’ve put in a lot of work and it’s showing! Just look how calm I am in the video below. Now I just need someone who can help me to the finish line. Is that you??

  • Active young boy ready for rock ‘n roll adventures!
  • Needs lots of daily exercise and room to wear down the zoomies
  • Ongoing training is required to bring out the best in him
  • Affectionate and typical people-loving Lab
  • Would do best with a teacher dog and adult humans; NO CATS OR SMALL DOGS

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