I have led a pretty sheltered life without other dogs and not a lot of new people coming in and out. My owner could no longer take care of me, so I was sent to Homeward Bound to find a new home. I figured that I could just train a new owner to adapt to my chosen lifestyle but got the rude awaking that it doesn’t work that way. I need a new owner who will help me adapt to my new home…not the other way around!

I do need a secure yard because every now and then I still get that wanderlust. I don’t have much in the way of education, so I need to be taught those obedience things. Small children scare me, and I am not sure I could get over that. To be honest, as much as I like people, meeting new people also scares me. I will need someone who I can trust to help me gain confidence. I have very little experience with other dogs so at this time would like to be the only dog. Cats are hit and miss…I might like one – but then again, I might not. I have lots of energy so would like an active family to keep up with me and I do like to play with toys.


  • Great companion dog seeks new home through no fault of his own
  • Good house manners; wants to be your good company
  • Can be timid and scared in new situations
  • Best as only dog; Kids should be older and sensitive to his needs; Cats may/may not be OK
  • Would like a calm household and predictable life that still includes lots of play and exercise

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