They call me Lincoln and most of the time I answer to it. I don’t even remember what my name used to be. I was picked up for vagrancy with no visible means of support. My luck changed when I heard that I was going to Homeward Bound to recoup and find a home where I was wanted. You might not know this but dogs talk to each other and from the time I hopped off the van all I heard was how great this place was and that the people here really cared about you. I have been hanging out in a special place with the senior dogs and boy have I heard lots of stories!

I am 10 years old and have a bit of arthritis so I am not much of a runner; I can still do some stairs but my marathon days are over. I get along with other dogs, love kids and still have enough energy to chase a cat! Oh, I guess that might not be a good thing? I do enjoy going for walks and am great on a leash! The people here have given me toys to play with and I think I can remember that it was fun to play; it’s been a long time but I think it’s coming back!


  • Sweet boy who enjoys people, dogs and kids
  • Enjoys gentle walks and is good on a leash
  • Thinks cats should find their own families
  • Some arthritis; prefers a house without too many stairs
  • Needs a family to show him the love he deserves

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