I am a seven-year-old boy with a sad story. I don’t remember how I ended up out on the street by myself but here I was all alone standing in the road. I had an unfortunate encounter with a car; the car won. I was taken to the local shelter where they determined that my one rear leg was damaged. I was sent to Homeward Bound for repairs. When the bones wouldn’t heal, I had to have my rear leg amputated, now they call me a “tripawd.” The good news is…I can run and play again!

I am going to need a very patient new owner. While I was being cared for after surgery, I got overly attached to my caregiver, which meant I didn’t want anyone else around her and I didn’t want to be left alone. Diagnoses: stranger danger and separation anxiety. My foster mom has worked hard to help me overcome some of these things and I have made a few new friends. Because of my car experience I was not comfortable to go for rides in the car, but I have overcome that – just don’t leave me alone in that evil thing! I have no other dog experience so have no idea how to interact with them, it may be that I am just not overly dog friendly. I have made my decision on cats…they are definitely not for me! Responsible teenagers may be OK, but I’m not ready for little ones.

  • Loving and loyal boy seeks person with patience and dog skills
  • Recent tripod…gets around great and happy to be free to play again
  • Attaches deeply to his person; needs help gradually expanding his world; must be dedicated to his training
  • Needs person(people) who are around a lot; does not like being left alone
  • Best as only pet in the house; Older kids with kind hearts welcome

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