I am an eight-month-old boy looking for a new home. My family had to downsize their home and I couldn’t be “downsized” – so I need a new, bigger home. I am really not that big, only about 74 pounds – but I guess I could get bigger. I am sort of a Lab mix but my personality is all Labrador! I love the water and a swimming pool would be beyond my wildest dreams. I have excellent house manners and even know how to sit when told to! I am good on a leash but could use some more obedience training. I love people and really enjoy being with them, so much so that I cry when I am left alone…guess that’s where the extra training comes in.

I like other dogs so maybe another dog to keep me company when the people are gone would help. Sorry….no cats for me and believe me – the cats appreciate that! I am used to living in the house but it would also be fun to have a yard to run and play in. Having kids to play with would be even more fun. I enjoy being groomed because it’s more people time and I do love people!


  • Active, fun-loving young boy!
  • Loves play and water, water, water!
  • Needs some training but has good basics; used to living in a home
  • Good with kids and other dogs; no cats, please
  • Prefers to be with his people; ideally someone is around a lot

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