I am a ten-year old girl and something bad happened to me, so bad that I can’t even talk about it. I was found by a kind person laying by a river covered in wounds. She took me to the dog hospital where they patched me up and send me to Homeward Bound. When I got there, I was still traumatized, it took patient people to bring me back and promise that I would never suffer that bad thing again. They talked about how great my life was going to be and how happy I would be in my new home…then my world fell apart…again! I was diagnosed with heartworms! It’s not life threatening, and I am starting treatment. The problem is that it is going to delay me going home…unless…someone would fall in love with me and foster me through my treatment. All you need to do is keep me quiet for several weeks with only potty walks on a leash.

It would be best if I was the only dog although I am fine with nice dogs. It’s just the added stimulation would not be good for me. I am fine with cats; I don’t find them very stimulating! My kids would need to be older and understand about me not being able to play right now. When I am done with my treatment, I do enjoy playing with the ball. In full disclosure I should tell you that I don’t have very many teeth left. You don’t have to chew my food; I just need it softened.

UPDATE:   While I have been waiting for my furever family to come find me, I did go to a temporary foster home, and I thought you would like to know about my experience. It was so nice to be in a home again. I have excellent house manners; I don’t chew or jump up on the counters and am fine if left alone in the house. I love to go for car rides and get this…I got to go out to lunch at a real restaurant! Ok, I didn’t actually have lunch, but I got to lay under the table and people watch! By nature, I am calm and well-adjusted. My favorite things are naps and being petted. I think I would do very well with an older couple or single person who just wants a quiet companion. My full foster report is on file at Homeward Bound and I think it’s suitable for framing!


  • Special girl saved by a Good Samaritan
  • Proven to be a great girl in her foster home but looking for her forever home
  • Beginning heartworm treatment; available as foster-to-adopt through her treatment – a great bonding experience
  • Needs a quiet household; a gentle dog, cat or kid(s) OK if kept calm
  • So deserving of health, happiness and putting her past behind her with TLC and patience

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