I came here with my son, and I will confess, I had a bad attitude. I thought I was responsible for my boy, and I was in charge. The people finally convinced me that my boy was grown up and capable of taking care of himself. It was my time – my time to be my own dog and not have to be in charge. I have to admit, this new lifestyle is quite nice!

At six years old, I have learned how to play and how to be a people-loving dog! I went to live in a foster home and learned the fine art of living in a house. I got to go for rides in the car with my ears blowing in the wind. When lounging around the yard, I found the joy of soaking my feet in the pool. I learned lots of commands and how much fun it is to put on my leash and go for a walk! I learned to enjoy meeting new people and to show my happy side. I am OK with other dogs but don’t feel the need to have one in my everyday life. I do prefer nice dogs but if one wants to trash talk me, I can give it right back with the best of them. Cats are a no for me…just can’t figure those creatures out and have no desire to learn. Kids would be fun but not real young ones…I want to be a playmate not a babysitter.


  • Six years old and beginning a whole new life!
  • People and play-loving
  • Good house manners; enjoys quiet time as much as play time
  • OK with select gentle dogs and older kids; NO CATS PLEASE
  • Good skills and eager to learn more

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