I am a ten-year-old girl looking for a place to hang my leash. Homeward Bound was kind enough to pay my bail and help me look for a new family. I did have a family and I know how to behave in the house. But one day I went for a walk and got picked up by the stray dog people…no one ever came looking for me.

The people here say that they think I might be a Lab mix plus German Shepard and some breed that likes to herd other dogs! I have a Lab temperament so we will go with that. I like people, other dogs, and cats are fine! I know some basic commands and I am OK on a leash…but I could use some instruction on the proper way to do it. I am not a couch potato – nor am I a marathon runner. I enjoy life in moderation! I am not really into balls and toys, but I do like those dental chews; a girl needs to take care of her teeth! I also like to be brushed because a girl also needs to look her best!


  • Easy-going girl with the heart of a Lab
  • Has house skills and some basic obedience
  • Good with most dogs, OK with kids, and may be OK with a cat – depends on the cat!
  • Medium energy
  • More interested in hanging out with you than toys and wild adventures

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