You might think that I am a Golden Retriever with a perm – but the truth is I have a bit of poodle mixed in with me…I am a Doodle! I am only 10-months-old and looking for an active home, hopefully with another dog to play with. I like dogs my own size because they are more fun to roughhouse with. Small dogs tend to just irritate me! I like kids but older ones are more suitable to my style.

I know several obedience commands, am housebroken, and OK on a leash. I am also jumpy and mouthy which makes me unsuitable for small children and small dogs. Not sure about cats…no cats around on cat testing day! By nature I am happy and very affectionate.


  • Bouncy, fun-loving giant puppy!
  • Good with other big dogs and sturdy kids
  • Has some skills but is still a puppy so continued training is important
  • Lots of energy; needs an active family and regular exercise
  • Too rough for small kids or dogs; cats – unknown still

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