My name is Jakey, and in spite of my ruff life you will always see a smile on my face! I choose to be happy, and nothing is going to take that away from me! I was surrendered to a shelter with a really bad skin condition and at my age that’s not a good combination. That’s when I started hearing things like “the kindest thing we can do is to put him out of his misery”.  The thing is I wasn’t in misery…I just had lousy skin and a pitiful hair coat! That is when I decided to show people that despite all that, I was a happy boy! A rescue person came in one day and saw me for who I really was! They took me to their Vet and he said that I was very healthy and just needed treatment for my skin condition! About that time Homeward Bound heard about me and said I could come live with them until  my skin and hair got better. I am now ready to find my final furever home! I can be a “permanent  foster” so the only think it will cost you is my food, shelter and lots of love! I get along with other dogs, not sure about cats. I have missed a few meals in my life so food is very important to me — and I do tend to protect my food — so Homeward Bound feels I would do better without small children.



  • Golden Touch eligible
  • Watch your fingers around me!
  • Other dogs okay
  • No kids, please

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