I am a one-year-old boy who is all about fun! I love to romp and play and would enjoy another dog in my life matched to my enthusiasm. The one thing that I absolutely cannot have in my life is cats or small critters. Somewhere inside me is a great hunter, and my natural instinct is to chase and conquer. The people here at Homeward Bound will support the right adopter with classes that teach you how to channel my inner hunter into something called a “training protocol”…so when you say ‘stop’ and ‘come’…I will do it every time without fail – just like the world-class hunting dog I aspire to be!

What I need to be successful is a safe environment – free of cats and critters – while I learn these new skills. That means a very securely fenced rural property or home. I also need a human or humans dedicated to following the training Homeward Bound will provide. They say that once I have my obedience and manners down, I can focus on the more interesting things in life…like companionship and play and staying out of trouble! In return, I promise to provide tons of love and quite a few laughs along the way. I am a people-lover and very affectionate. I like to be held and cuddled and would really enjoy curling up in your lap when we are done with our daily school. I’m ready to put class in session if you are! Check out my video below!


  • Very active, energetic Lab mix youngster in search of a good leader
  • Must love fun and promise to follow through with HB’s directed training
  • Good with most dogs; Absolutely NO ACCESS TO CATS or small creatures.
  • Needs a securely fenced rural property or yard while focusing on his training for ‘stop’ and recall
  • Friendly, affectionate boy in need of consistent training and a watchful eye to grow into the great dog inside

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