Because I am the oldest, I will take the lead on this story. I am Watson, a boy about 15-year- old and I am here with my buddy Holmes, a 13-year-old boy. You may have heard of us, in our earlier days we were crime fighters and solved lots of crimes. Nowadays, we are best at solving where you hid the cookies and what’s the most comfortable place on the sofa!

We are both still getting around pretty good. We would love to find a retirement home where we can live out our lives together and if we don’t leave this earth at the same time, someone to hold the survivor. I guess you figured out that I am a little concerned for my buddy, Holmes, he doesn’t have a lot of confidence and really relies on me to feel safe. Me, on the other hand, can be downright testy! I have some issues about having my private places touched…like my teeth, ears and feet! We are used to being in the house and actually both have very good leash skills and that’s about where the skills end. If you want total obedience…train a puppy! We are more about love and companionship and could care less about sitting, down, or even rolling over. Holmes still likes to chase a ball around and I am quite content to just cheer him on!


  • Bonded pair looking for a retirement home together
  • Best skill: companionship on sofa but they do enjoy gentle walks
  • Holmes enjoys playing ball; Watson likes to watch!
  • Available as Permanent Foster (HBGRR ensures their medical care)
  • Want to live out their lives together

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