I have been traveling with my best friend and I really enjoy being with him, he makes me feel safe. The nice people here have promised that they would find the best home for us, but it may not be together. If not, I am going to need a very special person who will make me feel safe and help me learn the ways of a house dog. I am one-year-old, sweet, loving, and quiet…contrary to popular belief…I don’t sing! I will need a secure yard because my breed does tend to roam. I am not sure about cats, I just met one and they seem to be OK but I have never lived with one. I have never been able to go to school, so I have no training – although I am do know how to walk on a leash! I have never had toys to play with, so I am not sure what to do with them. I like to be brushed but being sprayed with water is not my favorite thing! I am excited to know that one day I will have that special person to love and hold me.


  • Young, sweet girl looking for a patient forever home
  • Loves her best friend Blake but could learn to love your fur family member too
  • Needs some training
  • Needs a secure yard
  • Anxious to learn how to be a loved house dog

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