You could think of me as a blank slate…I mean, I got nothing! I have been living all of my one-year-old life in the backyard. I didn’t even know what a brush was, much less a bath! Obedience training sounded very strange to me and I was sure I would hate it, but I found out that it means spending time with the people! I am learning to walk on a leash with a halter and really enjoy it. I like other dogs, will chase cats and jump on young children. About the only thing I got going for me is that I am a really cute boy and I am young and willing to learn.

I will need an experienced puppy owner willing to help me be the best dog I can be! I really enjoy being with people and I think people will enjoy being with me once they see my inner self…the fun-loving, playful guy who just wants to be part of the family.

  • High-energy boy whose training has been neglected
  • Anxious to live the life of an indoor dog but will need to start from scratch
  • Needs a dog-savvy human dedicated to his training
  • Anxious to learn and please; just needs to be shown the way
  • Likes other dogs but cats are a no-go

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