I am a ten-year-old BIG boy in need of a special home. I have lived with the same family all of my life, but my mom got hurt and isn’t able to take care of me. I have had to live out in the back yard for most of my life, so I have very little house manners. I would like to spend my “golden years” as part of the family and being able to live with the family. I get so excited when I get to be with people that I make an absolute fool of myself! Because I have always been in the backyard, I don’t know how to go out for walks or even how to ride in a car. I am like a ten-year-old puppy with no life skills!

I like other dogs and have been around children. I am looking forward to this next chapter in my life. I hope to find some find person or family who will be patient with me and help me experience all those things that I have never got to. The other dogs here tell me that there is so much more to life than just being left in a back yard. Don’t feel sorry for me, I was loved but my people just didn’t have the time or energy for me.


  • Puppy in a giant body seeks a new family
  • Lived a sheltered, outdoor life – hoping to learn the ways of true family dog
  • Attention starved; LOVES being with people
  • Ideal family will have the time and patience to show him the life he has missed
  • Kids 13+; NO cats; May be OK with gentle dog friend

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