Ok….let’s get it out there….I am a dog. And like many dogs (oh, and humans too by the way) I am not without my quirks. As such, I have already been to a doggie therapist and was fully analyzed. The good news is that the therapist feels that with an observant and patient owner and practice, I can be a well-adjusted boy! You see, my mom was a Golden Retriever but my dad being mostly a Great Pyrenees gave me some of my “guardian” characteristics. I tend to believe that my food, my toys, my space, and my people are…well, mine to protect. The other dog living in my previous home didn’t think this was my best quality and didn’t like it when I told her so. My people were working hard to help me understand that they didn’t need my protection – and I hope my new family has the will and skill to continue their efforts. To be a good team, it’s probably best that we work on things without kids or other dogs in our home until we get it right. Besides, I love being the center of attention, don’t you? 

So, now that I’ve aired my secret, can I tell you what I get from my mom’s side of the family? I am a one-and-a half-year-old smart and silly goofball that loves his people and even passed my Canine Good Citizen certification! I have excellent house skills, do terrific on car rides, and I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me to swim and play in the water! I’m not perfect, but I’m perfect for somebody. If you think it’s you, please email me at cheeto@homewardboundgoldens.org.

P.S. Check out the video my special friends made for me!


  • Please have an adult-only home; I’ve never lived with children and they may expect me to share
  • I’d like to be the only dog in OUR home; not that I can’t have playmates when we go out
  • If you have cats, we can still chat; I have previously lived with cats but not YOUR cat (yet)
  • I am a sensitive guy; please be committed to positive learning and training methods